A Fairytale Start To Your Wedding – Getting A Live Band

By Nova Williams

Remember Cinderella’s wedding with the horse drawn carriages, the glass shoes, the gorgeous robe and the beautiful ambience? It’s a dream wedding for anyone, and you can actually turn it into reality, and have the same kind of grand environment. What you need to do is hire a live band for wedding, to realize this wonderful dream.

A wedding ceremony is generally attended by people of all ages. Some come to bless the couple getting married while others come to share the joy of the party. Hire a band for wedding which is a versatile one that can play music of sorts and types. It should be able to play music starting from the hits of the 60’s to the latest chartbusters. It should have music for all the guests attending the wedding ceremony, which comprise all the age groups.

The right band for wedding will play according to the audience, tune them up, gear them up and make them swing to the music. It will be like magic moments. Think how emotional people will be when the bride is walking down the aisle or the groom is kissing the bride and in the background, the band is performing one of the most romantic songs, live. Or, when the guests are conversing with each other, a slow number is playing in the background. And when the marriage is over, there are dance numbers one after the other making people shake their hips. If the live band for wedding has all these synchronized and executes, you will have not only a memorable wedding but a D Day of your life.

These days’ people hire DJs or local pub bands in weddings. A band for wedding may be a bit more expensive than the others but their quality of music is better than the rest. Actually they are specialized to play music in weddings only.

A themed wedding party like a beach wedding party will surely have the band for wedding play reggae music. The Jamaican rum and the Jamaican or Hawaiian music will definitely blend along with the evening sea breeze and provide all the enjoyment for the newly weds as well as the guests. Similarly a theme wedding based on Wild West will sure have the band for wedding play along pure Country music.

People often ask where to look for bands for wedding. Actually it is the easiest thing to do. There are the Yellow Pages. There are references from friends and family members. And there is the internet. Or, you can always hand over the responsibility to some event management company and forget all the tensions. You will just have to sit back and enjoy the show.

After the band for wedding is selected, sit with them and decide on the play list. Brief the band about any specific tracks you want them to play and if at any specific time. If all these are done beforehand, you can always look forward to a trouble free show which might be the most appreciated wedding of the season.

Another thing you should be particular from the outset is the logistics. Talk to the venue and check the availability of the necessary licenses to play live music at their premises. Have a look at the stages, dancing floors and other details you need. All these will ensure the absence of unwanted panic at the last moment as well as a successful party.

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