A Guide To A Career Working In Movies

By A Noton

Getting into the field of movies has a lot of facets to it, if you are more of a technical person you might opt to be a sound engineer. If you like to draw and you enjoy technology then perhaps animation is calling to you. A guide to a career working in movies will assist you in seeing what it takes in the many fields that are involved in making a movie.

Computer technology has grown by leaps and bounds the last 20 years and an artist can express themselves in 3D through animation and visual effects in film. Art schools in canada have programs that are focused on this type of art. First you need the talent but after that you could use a program like Photoshop to add effects to your art that cannot be done on paper.

The exciting field of sound engineering allows you to add layers of sound to a film giving it a mood and setting the theme. A sound engineer makes everything sound as good as is possible with the fine tuning of pitch, track volume and resonance. Sound engineers work anywhere from community venues to major film productions. It is a growing field that requires a good education.

In order to direct a movie you have to study movies that have already been made, classics from the past. This will teach you the style of different genres. Finding a good film school will help you achieve your goal. Studying such directors as Alfred Hitchcock and Jane Campion will help you understand what they did to make their films classics, to see through their lens. Pacific Audio Visual Institute in Vancouver, BC, Canada offers Film & Digital Arts degrees and each student is treated as an individual.

A degree in photography can get you into the movies. The Sheridan Institute offers an Applied Photography degree that will give you training in aesthetic and conceptual aspects. State of the art photography equipment is used along with digital studios and labs for commercial photography. This school has a great reputation among the professional community.

The movie Nightmare Before Christmas requires the use of clay figures that come to life by shooting frame to frame movement or stop motion animation. It can take a great deal of time filming this type of animation, they require animation college. A steady hand and a lot of patience are required.

Graphic designers blend technology with art to create a way to communicate an idea. The tools of the trade include typography and imaging. Images convey a mood or an emotion. Images evoke memories for people based on association and previous experience. Images can be photographs, hand-drawn or rendered with software such as Illustrator or Photoshop. Typography is the art of using words in certain styles to create a brand that is recognizable. A career in this field can lead to a number of different opportunities.

Choosing the right university for your field of choice requires a bit of research. There are a variety of great schools to choose from in Canada, check out their staff and ask about where their graduates have landed work. Careers in the movies can be an exciting field to be in.

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