Can Anyone Lucid Dream?

By David Lancaster

In layman’s terms, a lucid dream is a dream you have where you are actually aware of the fact that you’re busy having a dream. The term ‘lucid’ simply refers to being aware or conscious, and of course the full extent of your lucidity depends largely on your actual dream experience, together with the amount of detail you are able to remember when you wake up, and of course, the level of control you had over the dream.

It is this last point which is by all accounts the most astounding quality of a lucid dream, given that you are actually able to identify the fact that you’re busy having a dream. Is it not remarkable that one can actually control the direction of your dream, and that you’re not restricted in any way whatsoever?

Can you even for one minute imagine what it feels like, bearing in mind that it not only looks and sounds like reality, but it even feels like reality. Of course the big difference is, when you have a lucid dream you know that it’s only a dream. Furthermore, you know that you cannot get injured and you know that you cannot die, so personal safety is not an issue. Of course, because there are no rules or regulations, you’re basically free to do exactly as you choose. The bottom line is; lucid dreaming is like having your own personal world of ‘virtual reality’ with a quality far beyond anything else known to man.

It simply cannot be denied that lucid dreaming is a skill which can only be described as being fantastic. It’s hardly surprising really that so many people are now longing to master the art of lucid dreaming. Interestingly enough, most people will have the occasional lucid dream but just imagine if you could experience one whenever you want.

Depending on your own personal desires, lucid dreaming can be your own private doorway to the most incredible experiences. From socializing with world famous celebrities, to visiting distant lands and exotic places, lucid dreaming opens up a whole new world of opportunity. In fact, one can even travel to the most distant planets of the universe or spend some quality time with loved ones who have already departed from this world.

Unfortunately, experiencing regular lucid dreams where you have the ability to control them has until recently been a fairly complicated process. In fact, many people had no option but to spend months undergoing instruction and learning how to condition themselves. Even then, while many people did manage to experience lucid dreams, even if only for brief moments, others never succeeded at all.

Are there any easy ways for someone to experience a lucid dream?

Interestingly enough, there are a great many people who believe that certain foods help to induce a lucid dream. It is said that one should eat these foods immediately before going to sleep. Amongst the foods which are reported for encouraging lucid dreaming are mustard, cheese, milk, and orange juice.

Over and above those foods which have just been mentioned, many people claim that foods such as popcorn, pickles, fish and ice cream can also help those wanting to experience a lucid dream. While these foods may not be as effective as those mentioned above, it is believed they do help with regards to dream recall. Of course, from a health point of view these foods may not be ideal, considering that most of them contain a lot of fat, sugar, and salt.

Can technology help people to experience lucid dreaming?

In the not too distant past this would have been virtually impossible, although modern technology is now able to assist one with regards to lucidity. Interestingly enough, there are now certain devices which have the ability to recognize REM (rapid eye movement) and when they do, they respond with a blinking red diode in order to stimulate and induce a lucid dream. By integrating the red beam of light with the dream, a person is reminded of the fact that they’re having a dream and as such, they can then try to control it.

In addition to the devices mentioned above, there have also been some marvelous developments in sound technology which by all accounts have quite literally opened the doors to the world of lucid dreaming. Scientists have developed a process known as binaural beats which utilize sound waves of different frequencies played into each ear.

The aim of this process is to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain and in so doing, induce REM. In fact, when one listens to these sounds, the REM state of sleep is almost instantaneous and of course, this is the type of sleep required in order to experience a lucid dream.

Anyone who has an interest in experiencing a lucid dream can be rest assured that this is without a doubt the easiest and most reliable way for getting started.

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