Diary Of A Wimpy Kid And Why Its A Hit Movie

By Lorie Hyde

If your kids are looking for a new movie to see, then you may consider Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. This is a great movie for kids and adults alike. Families can thoroughly enjoy a movie like this, as it will appeal to all age groups. The humor and big kid jokes are actually funny and the characters like able by anyone who meets them.

This movie is based on the book series. The books becomes a hit because of the comic style writing that they had. It was not just the comic pages that lured kids in, it was also the funny characters and storyline. Kids find these book different from the rest and enjoy reading them over and over again.

These books work well with kids because they can relate to the stories that occur. These are everyday events and kids everywhere can put themselves in the shoes of the main character. The books are decorated in bright solid colors and children enjoy seeing them and knowing which one is which.

Most people were not surprised to hear that a movie was being created and developed after the books were first released. That is because these books have been selling out in bookstores for years. The movie was just as well addressed and sold many movie tickets in the first weekend.

Most kids enjoy this type of movie because the main character has to deal with a bully. This is a common issue for many kids at their own schools. Handling a bully can be done in a variety of ways and the kid in this film seems to take on a few different strategies. When the bully is beat, it seems like an overpowering moment for both the main guy and the audience.

The ten year old boy in the film is an enjoyable character that has many qualities about him that kids in general can relate to. He has a funny and sarcastic nature that helps him deal with situations throughout the storyline. His personality is reflective of a child who enjoys life but wants to do everything on his terms. His mood and response to things are funny and enjoyable to watch.

The storyline features events that kids can relate to. They are basic situations that occur in the average child. These stories are made funny by his point of view and his comical outlook. While kids are watching some of the scenes they can relate to the main character and the story that is unfolding. Kids enjoy watching movies where they can see themselves in some of the same positions or have been in that same situation in the past.

The main person in the film has to deal with many battles as he achieves his final goal. Each hurdle that he has to pass over, seems to make him into a stronger person. The character builds himself up in strength until the movie ends and the bully has been defeated. Viewers are happy with the way that Diary Of A Wimpy Kid ends and look forward to the next book and possible movie.

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