Disneys Oceans Released To Theater In 2010

By Norman Kline

In the year 2009, Disneynature Productions released an award winning film called “Earth” on Earth Day. This movie was followed up with the 2010 release of the much anticipated movie Disneys Oceans. It was also released appropriately on Earth Day, which is a day to commemorate all things that have to do with helping and appreciating the environment. The film is a breathtaking view of life under water.

Directed by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, this movie makes legendary waves. A man named Romain LeGrand who has been working with Disney since 1995 produced the feature. Well known actor and environmentalist Pierce Brosnan was drafted to narrate the film. His calming voice matches the film perfectly. Two Disney Channel heartthrobs named Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, recorded a single titled “Make A Wave” for the soundtrack. This song has inspired many of the young fans to take action and be proactive when it comes to saving the environment.

Almost three quarters of the earth’s surface is made up of water. Never before has there been a film that takes the audience so deep underneath the surface to explore the life that inhabits under the sea. The two Jacques take the audience on an unprecedented adventure by capturing never before seen footage underneath the sea.

The production of this film took an excruciating amount of time. Two full years went into just the preproduction and planning. Then there were four years of filming. Over seventy five trips were made to destinations that have mostly never before been seen let alone filmed. In the four years of filming, the team amassed over 480 hours of footage. That would take twenty days straight to watch! It took another year after filming was complete to edit the footage down to the length of a regular feature film.

This movie is intended to answer one innocent question. What is an ocean? The answer is a complex ecosystem that has so many facets that all intertwine in a fierce yet delicate way. The directors felt there was no better way to answer this than to take the audience on a thrilling adventure underwater where they can float above a coral reef, glide through the water amongst dolphins, and sit side by side with a walrus nursing her cub.

Another view that they wanted to express was the affect that mankind is having on this essential resource. Pollution is a major culprit that is threatening the delicate balance of sea life. Financial gain that comes from too much fishing or too much development is also addressed in the movie. They wanted to demonstrate that water is without a doubt a precious resource that sustains all living things and it’s in danger due to humans.

The sea’s resiliency was also demonstrated in several scenes. It’s evident that there are marine creatures that are tenacious and will not give up without a struggle despite the human inflicted elements against them. It was reassuring to them to find these remote areas where life proved to be resilient and determined to survive.

Disneys Oceans is a powerful and epic film filled with countless scenes that will touch the heart, and countless more that leave the viewer gripped and on the edge of their seat. From sharks and polar bears to walruses and dolphins, this is a journey of exploration that will delight the senses of young and old alike. Disneynature studio continues to fascinate with their vision.

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