Eclipse: Everyone Has To See It

By Zachary Burns

There are some hot movies this summer to see. However, there is none that is any better than the Eclipse movie. We will tell you why. For all you Twilight fans, this movie has really been the talk of the day when it comes to the movie to go see.

For those of you who are new to Twilight and this whole saga, it is based off the book Twilight. There are many who have read all the books of this series and anticipate when another movie comes out because they want to see how close it is to the book. For those of you wondering how close it is, those who have read the books say it is not far off.

If you thought the first two Twilight movies were great, you will think this one is even greater. There are many who said that the first two were nothing. This one is that much better. To some extent they are right about that.

This is the third movie in the Twilight series and for those who have seen all three; they say it is the best of them. The reason for this is because of the fact that not only is the actors better, but the plot is fuller and leaves you hoping for a great ending for the two lovebirds in this movie.

While we are talking about good looking actors, that is another reason that many like this. They love how the eye candy can lure them to the screen Heads up to all you Taylor fans as the debate continues as to which character is cuter, you will get a treat as he takes his shirt off. This is a thing you do not want to miss out on.

For those of you who love Edward and Bella and have followed their romantic endeavor, you will be happy to know that their romance takes even more shape. The reason for that is because they are going to be happily united. There is still the feud with the werewolf pack, but that will not ever go away.

There are many Twilight fans that have been waiting for the big day when Bella and Edward become the unbreakable force. While they have not been broken as of yet, many of you know that in many times, people have tried to break her apart and people have tried to kill Bella. Is it time for Bella to make the transformation? You will just have to see for yourself.

If you are thinking its movie night and want a movie to go see, we say you should see Eclipse. This is the movie that everyone is bragging about. We can see why they are as well as we grow into the idea that Eclipse might be just the movie that many lovebirds and families a like would want to go see.

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