These 4 Women Clutch Bring Luxury For Winter 2010

By Surbina Lee

Give a modern accent to your classic feminine ensemble by simply carrying this Gucci clutch. As you probably know by now, Versace’s latest collection shows modern glamour, and seeing this clutch proves that once more.

Made from buttery soft leather, this Versace Nappa Leather Chain Clutch is actually kind of simple. The metal engraved signature buckles are those that give modern accent to this clutch. These buckles are kind of large and are placed diagonally on the bottom corners of the flap closure. Aside from that, there also seems to be suede trimming that shapes the front flap, which adds style and interest to its entirety.

If you’re already tired of the usual black clutches you’re carrying every evening occasion, you might then want to get this Christian Louboutin Loubis Ponyskin Clutch. This clutch comes in red, which also looks classic, yet its richness and the material used to design this purse is a lot modern and chicer than the classic black ones.

This Christian Louboutin Loubis Ponyskin Clutch is indeed made from ponyskin, and it’s kind of seldom that we see a Louboutin clutch made from such and without any wild animal prints on it. But although this is made from a different material, slight pleating remains as its entire design. This also has the usual gold-tone framing, which comes complete with signature double shoe hinged clasp at the top, making this incredibly elegant and luxurious.

Most of Judith Leiber clutchdesigns are out of this world and are undeniably sparkling with luxe. Now if you want a Judith Leiber design that isn’t too sparkly and is much more versatile and refined, then perhaps you’d like to have this Judith Leiber Slender Curve Fine Crystal-Embellished Clutch.

Indeed, this is simple and can as well be considered as classic since this comes in black. And since this Judith Leiber Slender Curve Fine Crystal-Embellished Clutch is a Leiber creation, it is of course designed with hand-placed fine crystal embellishments. This sure is glittery so it guarantees to set a stunning look. Moreover, smaller crystals are embellished on the sides and as well as on the top for a more brilliant design that is guaranteed to illuminate at every angle.

If you want a hint of exoticness to your feminine evening ensemble, then you should choose to have Carlos Falchi in your list of go-to brands since the brand is known for using exotic skins. Take for example this Carlos Falchi Glazed-Python Sculptured Clutch, which brings undeniable exotic look and of course, feminine glamour.

This Carlos Falchi Glazed-Python Sculptured Clutch is made from exotic python skin material. It features ombre effect on the center, which then graduates to natural python color at the sides. You can choose to have the whiskey, grey, or cobalt colors for that ombre center. While that already sets a striking look to this exotically and luxuriously textured clutch, tonal beading at the bottom of the front flap along with some sparkling crystals should all the more bring shimmering and brilliant femme glamour to it.

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