Action Movie Enthusiasts Must Watch From Paris With Love

By Claude Hancock

If you are an action movie fan, then From Paris with Love is a production that you must not miss. This movie is action packed all throughout, and contains scenes that will keep your eyes riveted to the screen with excitement all the way through.

The story begins with the main character, James Reese, a part that is portrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. This character, seen here as a personal aide to the U. S. Ambassador assigned to France, is an effective diplomat who has won his employer’s trust as he executes his duties to an exact science.

However, Reese is also ambitious and willing to play his own quiet game of cat and mouse as he takes on minor assignments from the CIA, attempting to become an official CIA agent someday. His job as an aide allows for him to use his influence in some of the assignments given, and he is restless to succeed in his goal to be part of the CIA. His fiancee, Caroline (Kasia Smutniak), knows everything about him and he trusts her completely with his secrets, especially since the assignments sometimes take him away from her at unexpected hours.

Thinking that he may be up for that real CIA promotion to agent, Reese accepts another assignment wherein he is given a partner (played by established actor, John Travolta). Reese does not realize how his life is about to take a very drastic turn the moment he meets up with his partner, Charlie Wax.

John Travolta’s sudden appearance in this movie is enough to get the viewers excited, as it is certain that the twists and turns of the storyline are about to begin. Travolta carries his character’s obnoxious and rude personality all the way through the action scenes with his classic style and flair.

Wax begins to take Reese on a wild ride from the very beginning, as Reese is forced to use diplomatic influence to pull him past customs officials who detain him for bringing in canned drinks. Wax begins to show Reese the real and brutal side of secret agent work that all begins when he assembles his gun “Mrs. Jones” from the very same canned drinks that caused trouble with French customs. Armed and on a mission, Wax hunts down and eliminates goons in a Chinese restaurant that houses a drug syndicate.

Reese is then taken on a whirlwind spin around the city as Wax uncovers one drug den after another, obviously searching for bigger fish, under the pretense that he is on a mission off the record for an angry diplomat whose daughter was victimized by a drug ring. Obnoxious and completely taking no effort to cover up his tracks, Wax eventually confides to Reese that the drug busting only scratches the surface of a deeper mission.

In actuality, the cocaine trail leads to an underground circle of terrorists plotting to infiltrate the U. S. Embassy. Reese is shocked to find that a very active player in this circle of subversives is his own fiancee who had been specifically chosen to glean intelligence from Reese, betraying his trust in her.

Caroline turns out to be the suicide bomber who manages to infiltrate the U. S. Embassy during a summit, and she mingles with the crowd with planned accuracy, waiting for the perfect time. Reese then realizes that it is his fiancee who has used his pass to gain access to the U. S. Embassy, and tries to make his way in through security to stop her.

Trying to talk her out of activating the bomb, Reese ultimately fails and has too shoot Caroline as she makes the attempt to blow up the summit anyway. As she falls from the bullet wound on her forehead, Wax catches her and manages to disarm the bomb, while Reese looks on.

From Paris with Love is a movie filled with action, mystery, and self analysis as James Reese has to shed everything he used to believe his life to be, and takes on the reigns to become an official CIA agent. The fact that his unlikely mentor is Charlie Wax, Reese becomes a changed man by the end of the movie.

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