Avenue Productions Fort Lauderdale On Becoming A Model Or Actor/Actress

By Megan Johanson

Avenue Productions Fort Lauderdale on Your Career as a Model or Actor/Actress

How would you like to get your modeling or acting career kick started in a major way? The only way you’re going to make that happen is to align yourself with the proper talent agency that has all the right contacts when it comes to the top casting directors, production companies, and advertising companies.

Finding a talent agency who’s developed a strong place in the industry and is the talent agency you’ll want to join forces with as you work on the next stage of your career may be challenging. You want a talent agency that works with everyday people and has a knack for identifying top talent and then promoting that talent into success.

Avenue Productions Fort Lauderdale on Your Career as a Model or Actor/Actress

It’s important that you understand just how embedded a good agency has become inside the entertainment industry. Your successful talent agency has already placed its talent in a multitude of major television series, television commercials, movies, print media, music videos and promotions.

When it comes to movies, if an agency can claim the following list that its talent has worked on then they are top-notch: Adaptations, Any Given Sunday, Random Hearts, Out of Sight, Drop Zone, Big Trouble, Snow Dogs, Blood and Wine, Marley & Me, Chilled In Miami, Fool’s Gold, Canvas, Hoot, Red Eye, Punisher, Stuck on You, Heartbreakers, The Other Side, Wild Things II, Ali, Out of Time, Daddy Day Care, The Bodyguard, Transporter II, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Analyze This, and many, many more.

Avenue Productions Fort Lauderdale on Evolving Into a Model or Actor/Actress

Then there are various television commercials a great agency’s talent has worked in like: Penzoil, Jeep, Chevrolet, Lunchables, Wendy’s, Pepsi, Papa John’s Pizza, Oil of Olay, Hard Rock Hotel, Tropicana, Fisher Price, Mastercard, Domino’s Pizza, Neutrogena, Kraft, Visa, America Shopping Network, Volvo-Nissan, Disney Cruise, Nike, Kellogg’s, Ballpark Franks, Florida Panthers, Hasbro Ivory Soap, Diet Coke, Dodge, Chrysler, Princess Cruise Lines, Wrigley’s, Pert Shampoo, Hagen Daaz, Bridgestone Golf, etc.

The management of Avenue Productions is ready to go to work for you and to bring to you its vast entertainment industry background and experience that will translate into success for your career. Some of which includes extensive background in public relations and fashion, along with acting experience in past TV commercials, film and theatrical production.

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