Avenue Productions, Inc. On A Great Audition

By Carrie Flohr

Avenue Productions, Inc. on Your Audition Game Plan

There are some basic strategies and ideas to pay attention to whenever you’re going off on the next audition in your modeling or acting career. You must present yourself in the proper manner and show everyone at the audition that you belong there and have what it takes.

You’ve got to relax. Even if you perform better than someone else, if that other person is more relaxed in their performance, the director may leave the audition feeling better about them than you. Be sure to relax your feelings and be alert but not too alert.

Avenue Productions, Inc. on Audition Strategies

In preparation for being relaxed before you hit the audition, you should get good at practicing your breathing. When you can control your breathing through deep breathing exercises, you’re going to get more oxygen to your brain and this results in an alert brain and relaxed heartbeat.

Once you enter your audition, you should pay great attention to how you shake hands with the director. Be sure to great each director with a strong professional handshake rather than a weak, limp one. This is your first and last impression so do a good job with your handshake.

Avenue Productions, Inc. on Audition Strategies

Your listening skills are a big part of success on your audition. If the director is explaining to you the script and your role inside that script and you’re not actively paying attention, then you’ll look like you have no interest in truly being a part of the production. This is why you want to be relaxed going in…a relaxed state creates a better listener.

You also need to take care of yourself in terms of diet and a good night’s sleep before the audition day. There’s nothing worse than walking into an audition with red eyes from a night of partying. If you pay attention to these simple, yet effective tips, you’ll find that your audition performance improves.

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