Avenue Productions What To Look For In A Talent Agency

By Megan Johanson

Avenue Productions, Inc. Finding the Best Talent Agency

You want a top-notch agency as the force behind you if you’d like to begin working in the field of print/runway, television commercials, television series, music videos, movies, etc. Babies, children and adults have all been helped in finding quality work by these talent agencies.

Realize that your opportunities for great success often hinge on whether or not the right kinds of people are seeing your talents. When you have the correct agency behind you…one that has the connections with top casting directors…that’s when your career can really begin to take off in a major way.

Avenue Productions Finding a Top-Notch Agency

You want to get a talent agency that has a wide range of clients looking for the fresh talent such as yourself. Whether you’re looking to be placed in movies, promotions, television commercials, television series, music videos, or print, you will do well to build a relationship with Avenue Productions.

To give you an idea of the quality of clientele an agency can place you with, here’s a short list of a well known agency TV commercial clients: Wrigley’s, Pert Shampoo, Hagen Daaz, Mastercard, Fisher Price, Oil of Olay, Kellogg’s, Domino’s Pizza, Neutrogena, Kraft, Visa, Hasbro Ivory Soap, Diet Coke, Disney Cruise, Nike, Lunchables, Wendy’s, Pepsi, Papa John’s Pizza, Ballpark Franks, Florida Panthers, America Shopping Network, Volvo-Nissan, and many more.

Avenue Productions Finding a Top-Notch Agency

You should be able to see that this is one talent agency that has the ability to place its actors or models in some of the best entertainment work. Think long and hard about how fast your career can take off when you’re working with a talent agency that has placed its talent in such places as Dave Matthews Band, Chilled in Miami, Red Eye, Burn Notice, The Apprentice, Bachelor Party II, Havana Nights, CSI Miami, Wyclef, Jada Kiss, P. Daddy, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Macy’s Bridal Shower, Stuck on You, Isla Bella, and so much more.

One thing that this talent agency takes quite seriously is the evaluation, promotion and education of its talent so that you’re prepared properly. When you have Avenue Productions working for you, you’ll quickly discover that you’re being groomed to be ready when that big break finally comes your way.

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