Excellent Cigars, CA

By Mauricio Lopez

Premium Cigars, CA

Excellent Cigars, CA

In order to find the best and most varied collection of cigars or cigar accessories, in Pasadena, California, I went on a mission. If you’re in need of humidors, lighters, cutters, ashtrays, or cigars, you can’ do any better when it comes to discovering the finest selection in the industry.

I wanted to find a cigars, CA shop that will make you want to stay and spend couple hours while you take in a full smoking session. A place where every question you may have about your next humidor, cigar or lighter will be patiently answered before you settle in for a relaxing cigar session, complete with great conversation.

Excellent Cigars, CA

Looking to add more choices to your cigar smoking palette? The ultimate goal at the cigar shop I’m looking for has to be to make sure that you find anything and everything you could ever want so that you next cigar is the best yet.

The cigar shop in Pasadena, CA I found had many humidor brands: Winston Churchill, El Baton, Fonseca, Frittipaldi , Graycliff, Gurkha, Augusto Reyes, Hoyo de Monterrey, Dunhill, Nestor Miranda, P.G., Padilla, Padron, Partagas, Stradivarius, Avo, Cuesta Rey, Davidoff, God of Fire, Granada, Tatiana, H. Upmann, The Griffin’s, Trinidad, Arturo Fuentes, etc. These are just a few of the choices you have here.

Premium Cigars, CA

I had questions about how to find my next humidor. They said take a good look at the humidors offered here at our cigar shop: Dupont’s Humidor 001280, Davidoff’s variety, Bugatti’s Travel Humidor, a variety of Arturo Fuente options, Xikar’s Walnut Burl, Zebra Ebony, Diamond Crown’s Monticello, Daniel’s Marshall 30150.3 Burl, Avo’s 84505 model, etc.

Now, if you’re in need of a new lighter, then you’ll find that once again you’re at the right place. You can choose from brands like Atoll, CS, Bugatti, Dupont and Dunhill and they come in a wide variety of price options. If a cigar case is something you need, select from brands like Dupont, Atoll, Xikar, and Davidoff. Cigars by Chivas is also the right place when it comes to selecting your next ashtray, cutter or cufflinks.

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