Gold Making Guide In WoW – Do You Employ The Best Method?

By Vincent Gottfried

With the recent development in MMORPG world, providing various ways to make gold seems to be standard feature and WoW is no exception, thus a good wow gold making guide usually include them all, or highly focused on one of them. Farming is #1 choice for most of WoW players since it can be done while leveling and allow you to obtain gears at your level.

Farming is a good method; with proper gear and best farming location selection you can obtain adequate gold per hour, but there are other methods that I want to reveal in this WoW gold making guide that might suit you better:.

1. Accomplishing Quests

There are a lot of quests in WoW and simply doing all of them won’t do since one quest doesn’t has the same value as the other. Selecting the right quests in the right order can increase your leveling speed; gain ample amount of gold; and keep your gears updated all the way toward level 80. Even after you struck level 80 you still can do daily quests in Northrend to get reasonable gold and reputation.

2. Farming

A technique that widely used to make gold by killing monsters in a particular area to obtain their item drops. This can be done by a low level character in a low-level area or a group of high level characters doing instance runs. The two keys here: first, choose the best place and time to do it; second, pick the item drop which in high demand in the Auction House. If everything are “click” perfectly you can get decent gold from this method by selling your item drops at the Auction House.

3. Choose a Gatherer Profession

Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning are examples of gathering professions in WoW. By having one of these professions, you will be the one who supply the market with raw material or ingredients such as gold, silver, stones, herbs, leather, hides, fish, and scales. Other professions such as Jewelcrafting and Engineering will process these materials further. With regular demand in materials for numerous recipes, there are much gold that can be made here. Just remember to collect the items that in high demand and put it in the Auction House after doing a little market research to decide the proper price. The other alternative is form a partnership with a crafter where you will supply him/her at reasonable price.

4. Being a Crafter

Being a crafter means you can process materials or ingredients into something that useful for other players. Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring, Alchemy, and Inscription are instances of the crafter professions. The drawback are you will need gold first to level your skill and buy material or ingredients. As for material, you can buy it at the Auction House or if you crafting on regular basis you can form a partnership with a gatherer to maintain a steady supplies. Sometimes you will get cheaper price with the last method.

5. Auction House: Buy Low Sell High

“An advanced gold making method for the one with enough gold to burn” is what I want to say, but with the last development in Auction House method, apparently you can start making serious gold in Auction House at as low as level 5 with only 4 silver in your pocket.

Like the title said, the idea is buy items at lower price and sell it at higher price; it seems easy but require decent knowledge on the present supply and demand. An easy method is watching trade channel for a hot item you want, then start bargaining to achieve the lowest price possible. Some other wow gold making guide might recommend different strategies, but all of it are based on the same principle: buy at low price and sell at high price.

6. Auction House: Being a Monopolist

This technique will demand reasonable amount of gold in your wallet because you will stock large amount of certain items and cannot expect quick result. The idea is watching the market for certain item that you can monopolize, then buy ALL of them from the Auction House, leaving the supply for that particular item zero. After that, being the only large supplier for that item, put it at AH and raise the price. For a short time, people will not purchase it because they are still accustomed to the old price. During this time, keep checking the Auction House and buy the item from all other people who put it less than your price. After some time, people will start to accept the new price and you can sell your stock to gain profit.

Sometimes this method doesn’t works well because people start gather the item you control and sell it at the Auction House once they saw the price raising. If you see too many people place the item at the Auction House and too risky to buy all of them, sell the remaining of your stock, have small profit, and move to different commodities.

With the various factors in WoW economy, people will always find a better ways to make gold in WoW. Always keep an eye for new options that provided by Blizzard to build more wealth in world of warcraft.

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