How To Do A Sock Hop At Elementary School

By Angel Chodie

As our economy continues to struggle, so do the funds for our children’s schools. Many more schools are turning to fund raising to help pick up the slack during these hard times. One fun way to help earn some extra money and create a fun time for those attending is a sock hop.

A sock hop can be a really exciting way to help kids and their families go back in time to an exciting period in time. This is also a very family friendly activity and one that can help draw them closer together. Here are a few simple steps for you’re school to be well on its way to having one of their own.

Your first step is to get organized. Appoint four committees to organize the event. These committees should include publicity, decorations, food and entertainment.

If you want people to come, make sure they know. Your publicity department needs to find a fun way to encourage people to come and attend this event. Make sure that people know that all proceeds from this event will be going towards your school and also play up the fact that they will be having a wonderful family night together as well.

You may want to invite people to dress for the occasion to really help them get in the spirit of things. Ideas for these can be put on fliers and other advertisements. Poodle skirts and ponytails work best for the girls. Rolled up jeans and white t-shirts for the boys.

Decorating can be simple or extravagant. If this event is to be a fundraiser make sure that you don’t spend more money putting it on then you will be getting so perhaps you may want to go the simple, and yet tasteful way. Records, or pictures of records on the walls and table are a simple way to get people in the mood for things. An old-fashioned Jukebox is an excellent addition and will also work for helping play music.

There are two ways to have people pay for your sock hop. One way would be to charge a general admission per person or family that would allow them to participate in all the evening’s events. To make sure that they don’t do things too many times you may consider a hand stamp, so you don’t have one boy eat 10 root bear floats in one evening; it can happen. Or you can have a free admission and have participants pay for food and other entertainment while there. You choose.

The night’s entertainment doesn’t have to be extravagant. Good music from the 50’s is the main thing to have, as well as some fun songs to dance too. Make sure to include the bunny hop, limbo, twist, and mashed potato. Families are sure to have a marvelous time at your sock hop and you’re school will appreciate it too.

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