Mark Cella On Civil Rights And Liberties

By Mark Cella

Mark Cella on Civil Rights

Civil Rights and Liberties Are Under Serious Attack. Without Our Basic Freedoms as Afforded by Constitutional Law, We Are Stripped of All Means by Which to Fight NWO.

Our civil rights and liberties have always been under threat and challenged, but never more so than in these times as the war on terrorism is the buzzword on everyone’s mind. Our government is taking away our rights under the guise of keeping Americans “safe.”

Add new technology to the equation, new technology that allows the government to invade our privacy any time they choose, and our freedoms are backed into the corner.

Americans of all backgrounds are feeling the threat against our rights, but none more so than people of Arab descent. We need to work together as one with the government to repair our civil rights and freedoms, starting with abolishing the Patriot Act.

Other ways in which we can protect our rights are by putting an end to the arrest of civilians without cause or warrant as well as prevent the secret detention of people suspected of terrorist activity.

And don’t forget repealing the phrase ‘probable cause’ which has led to the invasion of privacy in countless incidents anytime the government felt like taking a look. All of these policies point to the weakening of judicial power in the government, power the executive branch has taken over.

Americans, in the name of fighting terrorists, are now subjected to policies and practices that do nothing to apprehend terrorists, but do everything to take away our civil rights and liberties.
We once fought for the civil rights of people with disabilities, people of color, for women, and for people of different religions. Now we find ourselves fighting for our basic rights that are clearly outlined in the United States Constitution.

Mark Cella on Civil Rights and Liberties

Congress passed the Patriot Act in 2001 in an effort to aid in the fight against terrorism. This bill alone has destroyed and eaten away at many of our civil rights and liberties. The Patriot Act allows the United States government to detain and hold any foreigners they feel may be a threat to the security of the country.

The act also allows the government to eavesdrop on conversations between lawyers and their clients who are being held in a federal prison if it’s suspected it might deter future acts of violence or terrorism.

Under the Patriot Act, the government and federal agents are now allowed surveillance of e-mail and telephone conversations. They also have the authorization to search anyone’s home or personal property.

These operations, called ‘sneak and peak,’ don’t require a warrant or prior notification to the individual being searched. The Patriot Act has overtaken and overwhelmed this country in so many ways that it’s hard to fathom it’s actually happening.

This type of government authority is something we once expected of communist countries, but now we’re experiencing this extreme violation of our freedoms here in our own country.

Mark Cella on Civil Rights

Even though the government will tell you the curtailment of these civil rights and liberties are directed toward suspected terrorists, the truth is that all Americans are affected by these conditions. The atmosphere of war is contagious and there isn’t one person who isn’t affected in some way, no matter how small.

Our right to freedom of speech, to voice our opinions, has been severely threatened all around the country. On December 15, 2001, Janis Besler Heaphy, publisher of the Sacramento Bee, was unable to finish her commencement speech at California State University.

Heaphy made the suggestion that the United States government had gone too far in the curtailing of civil liberties since 9/11.

She was immediately booed by hecklers who resented her implication that too much was being done to retaliate for the attacks on 9/11 when in actuality Heaphy was simply exercising her right to freedom of speech, to make her opinion in a public forum.

Mark Cella on Civil Rights

In the case of Heaphy, the media stepped in and supported her right to freedom of speech:

“Many interpret it as a troubling example of rising intolerance for public discourse that questions the nation’s response to the September 11 terror attacks.”

– Geoffrey Mohan, December 20, 2001, Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times was not alone in reporting on this incident. The New York Times and other major newspapers also made sure this story was heard, and Nightline on ABC News did a special report on Heaphy.

This is just one example of what’s been happening all around America. If you’re not completely for the war on terrorism and up to losing a few of your civil liberties, then you must be on the side of terrorists. How many more of our civil rights and liberties do we have to justify before many of them are gone completely?

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