Men’s Fashion – The Three Looks You Need To Master

By Mark Walters

Concerning the basic fashion “looks” and occasions, there are three that every man should know. These include business attire or “day” wear, weekend clothes or “casual”, and, of course, evening or “night out” wear. You do not need a lot of money if you keep in mind some helpful tips.

In more detail, the three basic looks, that every man should know, are:

At Work – The quintessential work look for any man is a classic, well-tailored suit. It screams professionalism, style and class. The suit has gone through many revisions over the years but it will never stop being a cornerstone of men’s fashion. Probably the most important point to keep in mind when wearing a suit is to make sure that it fits properly. Suits are not items of clothing that you can purchase at a store and just throw on – there is nothing worse than seeing a man in suit with too long or short hems, or fits too loosely or tightly. It is very important to get it tailored to make sure that it hangs properly, fits well and most of all, makes the man wearing it look like a million bucks.

Relaxed Casual – When you are ready to hang out there is nothing wrong with wearing a great pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt. Mind you, we are talking about a nice pair of jeans that sculpt your body well. Not all jeans are created equal and not all jeans will fit a man the way they should. Find a pair a jeans that accentuate your assets and detract from your problem areas. This can be done but it will take a little work on your part. Men look at other men just as much as women do and if your jeans look dirty and unkempt, then that says a lot about your personal hygiene too. You do not want the world to thing that you are unclean. A classic pair of jeans will always be in style no matter what the current fashion trends are.

Night Out – For a night out on a date or simply hanging with the guys, you will need to upgrade from your regular daytime casual look. A very simple but stylish ensemble consists of dark denim, a button-down shirt, and some nice slip-on leather shoes. A jacket, like a structured blazer, adds a nice touch for cooler weather as long as it complements your overall look. Think twice before wearing bright colors or patterns, unless you are sure it is the correct look for you.

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