Programs Hang For A Long Time? Here’s How To Kill Them.

By John Stewart

Many people are surfing the internet now a days and they are exposing themselves to a lot of different types of programs. For the most part this really isn’t a big deal assuming that you are getting your programs from reliable sources.

The issue comes up when you are using a program and it stops responding by hanging. This can be a real buzz kill and can kill your level of productivity when you are working. So what can you do to prevent this? Kill the program (by kill I mean to stop it from running). By why do some programs hang on your computer and the same programs don’t hand on other computers? Well the short answer is that it has to deal with your specific computers specifications and your computers exact problems. Sometimes when a program hangs, you will kill it and then Windows will then tell give you an error message. If you were to type that error message into Google (or any other search engine) you will get a description of the error as to why your computer hung.

When a program hangs it can be really annoying not just because it tends to freeze up your entire computer but also because it will kill your level of productivity if it happens enough times throughout the day. So what’s the solution? To kill the program that is hanging (by kill I mean to stop the program from running). But why exactly does one program hang on one computer but not on another? To break it down into simpler terms, it really has to deal with your computers specifications and its own unique problems.

There are 2 different, but yet similar ways that I’m going to show you here. To start just open up your task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time). What this will do is it will open up a window that will have a few tabs on it at the top of the screen. Now click on the tab that says “Application” and in there you will now see a list of the applications that are running with their current status. If there is an application that you think is “hanging” it will have a status that will say “Not Responding” under the area that is labled “status”. What your going to want to do now is to click on the application so that it is highlighted and at the bottom of the windows just click on the small button that says “End Task”. What this will do is it will kill the application. Now, keep in mind that if you have any unsaved work on your computer and you “end task” a program you will loose all of the unsaved data, so use this very cautiously.

Another way to kill an application that is frozen is to soimply just right click on it when you are in the Applications tab of the Task Manager and click on Go To Process. This will then take you to the Process tab with the program highlighted. What you want to do now is to just right click on the program that is highlighted here and click on End Process Tree. A word of caution here: when you perform an End Process Tree you are killing the program that is hanging and also the programs that are linked to it. If the program that you want to kill either has unsaved work or is important you should not kill it as you might stop other programs that are linked to it from running.

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