Reasons Why Its Important To Avoid Blood Diamonds As Jewels In Calgary Engagement Rings

By A Noton

Discover why its important to avoid blood diamonds when designing Calgary engagement rings. Socially aware couples can design their rings and still listen to their social conscience. Here is an overview of the conflict free diamonds situation.

The desire to consume coming from down inside the heart of darkness, the argument says, commands people to make forced laborers of other people, even guiltless boys and girls. The end justifies the means, the aggressors say. The means pertains to the means of production, in this instance. Those infernal gods of colonialism may get blocked off for good from countries that want to market their own natural resources. In the interim, humankind disapproves of diamonds gathered up during military conflicts.

Authorities in Canadian governing body and authorities elsewhere have taken a two pronged approach to the problem of blood diamonds. They take measures to encourage diamond producers to adopt humane methods to collect gemstones. These governments have also tried to collapse completely the blood diamond trade. An investigation by a Canadian political official, in the year of 2002, sparked the United Nations into action. The final result is a diamond certification scheme still used today.


Groups of persons should be made conscious of the state of affairs regarding war diamonds. Canada trades its own diamonds. Pink colored variants are available in Australia. Synthetic adamant can be manufactured. Hopefully numerous people will order from a credible supplier.

One of several drawbacks to trusting in a certification is the near impossibility of certifying that any diamond is conflict free. This means that most buyers cannot know with absolute certainty that they own a conflict free diamond. Fear not newlyweds. Buyers of Calgary engagement rings can still ask jewelers for conflict free certification.

Some people are too afraid to ask certification questions. They do not want to seem rude or pushy. A slick way to not sound rude would be to ask jewelry a question like this: I know some scientists say it takes millions of years for this diamond to form. Will you show me a card or document that certifies a date that it got pulled out of the ground? If the date falls in the 1980s or earlier then it might not be a blood diamond. The KP certification only covers those valuable rocks mined in year 1990 and afterwards. So if it does not have KP certification then people can use date mined as an indicator that their stone might not be a blood diamond.

Latest News Releases

Incidents have just surfaced since the summer season of 2010 that war diamonds are being found in the markets. Some observers feel that the leniency of the KP is being taken advantage of. The KP commission has other help it can contact to enforce committee rules. Consumers of gems and jewels wield market power. KP group can more easily apply regulations when concerned purchasers refuse to buy war diamonds.

Concerned people have renewed calls for United Nations to further restrict production. Reasons stated include those problems with blood diamonds have not disappeared. Fair trade certification process is legitimate and lawful. Several governments and diamond producers in member countries formally accepted this need for restraint of unfair labor practices.

Overriding Principle Remains Elimination of Slavery

The larger issue should not be lost. Should our world community buy products whose labor input is supplied by slaves? History texts overflow with accusations of exploitative production practices. Sugar production in Brazil serves as one example. Cotton production in colonial America. Rubber production in Belgium Congo. Presently accused industries include the diamond and cocoa industries in Africa, and the toy industry in China.

History is also filled with examples of our world community negotiating with industries and providing what industries need to profitably transition to humane production methods. Look at this example KP group provides. Diamond producers and distributors are allowed to voluntarily join KP certification scheme. A coalition of governmental and non governmental parties enforces regulations on its group members. Individual members have a sort of veto power over provisions they find too strenuous.

Reasons why its important to avoid blood diamonds as jewels in Vancouver engagement rings have just been listed above. Kimberly Process (KP) is alive and well and doing its job. It is here to remind people that choosing beautiful gems does not have to weigh heavily on the moral conscience.

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