Rhinos Set To Stay In Chester Until September 12th.

By Clare Westwood

Currently Chester is being taken over by Rhino Mania. Rhino Mania is an art event which has been designed in order to raise money for a charity supporting Rhinos. The rhinos have been present in Chester since the 5th of July and are set to stay until the 16th September. There are sixty two different rhinos placed throughout Chester city.

Wild in Art is working closely with the Chester Renaissance to put on the exhibition. Several companies are sponsoring the event and getting involved.

The exhibition will help to celebrate the cultural identity and importance of the Roman city and hopefully draw in a lot of tourists. Local school children are set to create a further 120 mini rhinos to place around the city.

Rhinos are known to be amongst the most endangered species on earth and Chester is lucky enough to be the permanent home of nine Black Rhinos at the zoo. The Rhino Mania event is hoping to support many other Rhinos by donating to the Black Rhino Field Conservation project which the zoo currently helps manage.

The rhinos are all dotted about throughout the city and beyond. There is even a rhino at Cheshire Oaks shopping complex in Ellesmere Port. Rhinos are also present in Liverpool Lime Street and London Euston stations.

The rhinos are created out of fibreglass and then decorated using paint, many are very bright. A finishing coat of weatherproof varnish will protect them from damage from the sun or rain. The rhinos stand at five foot tall and six feet long and each rhino weighs 60kg. They were designed by both professional and amateur artists from around Chester.

When the rhinos come to the end of their reign on the 12th of September they will be taken to auction. 75% of the proceeds made in the sale will go to the Black Rhino Field Conservation and a local charity. The rest of the proceeds will hopefully cover the cost of the event.

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