The Best Trendsetting Handbag Designer.

By Maria Tredstone

You should understand that designer handbags are highly fashionable this time around. No matter where you look, you will see a lovely lady carrying a trendy new handbag. However, have you actually considered the designers of that purse you find irresistible? Probably not, but I thought I would be super cool to make a list of my favorite designers so here we go.

Here is a small list of my private choice designers.

My all time favorite designer is by far Chloe. I love their work. Absolutely one of the greatest designers in the world. They push the envelope with their creativity and innovation. Sometimes they are way over the top, but it still works. They are certainly a big time leader in the world of fashion. That is just my view.

And let’s remember Vivienne Westwood. In contemporary time, she has accomplished more for British design than any other designer. She was at the head of the entire punk genre. Punks the world over admire her design.

And last but for sure never of least important is Monica Botkier. She is magnificent. Women all over the world fall head over heels for her designs. She spent a big part of her early career doing fashion photographer which no doubt helped to mold her into the amazing designer she is today. Her designs are usually balanced between what we will call function and form. Fashionistas in every place gather around her and her works. She offers amazing detail, hardware and sophistication all wrapped up in one.

And there you have it, a short list of my favorite designers. Chloe, Vivienne Westwood, as well as Monica Botkier. 3 of the absolute best to ever do it. Thus, can you state your most admired designers? Do we have someone in common here. Tell me, I would surely want to be aware of them.

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