The Different Avatars Of The Marc Jacobs Satchel

By Daphne Elliot

There exists a tradition Marc Jacobs Satchel made with black calfskin leather. The interior is lined with suede and the gold hardware is sturdy in design. There are three main compartments with the middle one controlled by a magnetic closure. There is also an interior plate designating the Marc Jacobs Made in Italy inscription. There two other middle compartments zipper shut and two front flap pockets.

The traditional style, however, is quite a rarity given the unique and colorful styles that are a trademark of the Marc Jacobs line. His designs are quite unique and easily stand out in the crowd. For instance, the Dr Q Groovee comes in many colors and is marked by the signature turnlock and plaid interior lining. The Classic Q Baby Groovee is a bit smaller and has a logo print lining with a pleated center.

Aside from the unique designs, the bags are generally equipped with similar length handles and straps. The straps have a twelve and half inch drop and the handles have a six inch fall. The bags, however, do come in different sizes and dimensions. The shades also range from the standard to the striking. Some of the bag colors include moss, raw sugar, turquoise, and ink blue.

Part of the new collection from the 2010 spring line has a new feel reflecting a style associated with early American tribes. The style accentuates the bags with hanging leather strips and tassels. Parts of the design composition includes a combination of different materials, such as a leather and metallic mesh. In fact, many of the newer bags are increasingly accentuated with tassels. A new leather dancer knapsack comes in a cacophony of violet and burgundy overlayed with tassels.

The inspiration for some of Marc Jacobs’ designs leaves one to wonder given their odd and eccentric nature. For example, the Flou Passamentry Orchid bag at first glance appears to be ideal for the holidays given its Christmas tree like image. The bag itself is a simple leather pouch but with an odd front inlay. There are other bags that have become a bit more popular, particularly the jet studded bags which come with enamel studs attached to different colored soft leather.

Among the more extraordinary styles are the Leo leopard print tote bag, tan sheepskin hobo, and zip away heart bag. As evidenced by these designs, his creative and unique designs do not shy away from any potential criticism. Many of the bags are outlandish in style almost bearing on gaudy. His effective mix of colors, textures, and materials is only limited by his imagination.

In short, there is nothing truly traditional about the Marc Jacobs satchel. From an untrained perspective, it appears that his goal is to create a bag for the different moments in life. This does not have to be any special moment, but just any moment. For instance, it can be the bag that fits a dinner date outfit or the bag that is perfect for that walk in the winter cold. The colors and images created can fit almost any circumstance. Marc Jacobs’ bags are unique in that fashion.

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