Why People Are Loving Get Him To The Greek

By Jessie Everett

Get Him To The Greek is a continuation of the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshal. It isn’t exactly the same, but the main characters are present and the story is set in the same kind of quirky fashion. The movie is a fast paced comedy that will keep people moving and laughing at the same time.

The film works well because it constantly changes back and forth from scene to scene. Viewers can follow the lives of a few different people and begin to see how each world ties together. The quick scene flashes, mean that views do not have to get caught up in a drama but rather a quick well written comedy.

The jokes are really funny. Some movies contain humor that is just lost on people, but this particular movie seems to capture exactly the kind of humor that is needed. With real and fresh jokes that have not been heard before, it may be refreshing to watch for some people.

The title is catchy and will draw people in to see the movie just based on it alone. When the title is heard at first, people begin to imagine what it could mean. It almost sounds like someone is being taken to a Greek person, and then you may wonder why and what may be happening. However, it is actually about getting someone to a Greek venue to play music.

One of the great things about this film, is that it is a fast paced and funny movie. The scenes are short and are full of funny scenes and hilarious comments. The short scenes go well with a plot that is also fast moving. Each scene moves quickly into the next and leave people hanging and wanting to see more, that helps the film move quickly along and keep people on the edge of their seats.

The characters in the storyline, have to battle various things that eventually all tie them together. One person in particular becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol and end up losing his family, in the end as he comes to terms with his addictions, he realizes how great he is at music and shows off his talent at a Greek entertainment spot.

The second main character has his own issues, from a crazy job to relationship drama. During their adventure together, they both hit rock bottom before coming back up again, and they do it together. The adventure bounces from one thing to the next and keeps watches hanging on right until the last second.

When a movie like Get Him To The Greek is watched, it will leave its movie watchers thoroughly impressed by the storyline. The sense of adventure that is present throughout the film helps to keep the movie moving along. When a storyline contains all the right jokes and humorous scenes, it can help it be appealing to a wide audience of viewers.

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