A Group Of The Common Places To Buy Art In Melbourne Australia

By Micheal Snidley

Whether you are in the market for modern, contemporary, abstract or classical art, then Melbourne is a great placed to start looking. With a vast array of choice, it is certainly the right place to start to buy art in Melbourne Australia. Here, an art buyer can access some of the best works from emerging and independent artists, including the traditional and the experimental.

The art connoisseur will find and remarkable array of studios, workshops and galleries in Melbourne. This part of Australia is the capital art precinct, centred in and around the suburb known as St. Kilda. Situated here, in the heart of the city and close to the CBD, is where you will find the largest art community, where talented craftsmen and women share their works with each other and the public.

In the center of Melbourne is the Gallery of Victoria. Situated in Federation Square, this gallery is a great place to visit in person, or the international buyer may also peruse their collections online. There are complex displays of works from artists from all over Australia. The exhibits here boast unique pieces from well known Australian artists.

Australia’s talented art community is known for exhibiting their homemade wares at the popular Sunday art markets, in and around the Melbourne Art centre. Again, located in the art precinct of this major city, you can find the biggest selection of artworks, crafts and talent in the country. From classical paintings and sculptures, to handmade jewellery, and furniture including even, the genius of musicians and other like minded, talented folk.

In addition to the centrally located studios and galleries, Melbourne is also home to a very popular idea known as Innovative art. This company offers the consumer the chance to ‘try before they buy’, which is an affordable option. They will deliver a selection of art genres and sizes, including sculptures, display them on walls and in rooms. The buyer can then make a decision based on actually seeing the pieces in the space, in real time. This seriously takes the anxiety and pressure out of buying expensive art.

The world wide public can be assured that the art they may purchase and experience in Melbourne, is of the highest quality. This is because this community here is governed, and supported by the Melbourne Art foundation. This institution is relatively new, and exists since 2003. It supports local and international artist, providing them and the public with events, awards, education and promotion.

Another fantastic scene to buy and encounter top and special art works is at the Melbourne art fair. Held every two years, this exhibitions show cases a collection from several galleries and attract many thousands of people and artisans. The art lover can both view and purchase some of the best paintings, photography, sculptures, and even multi-media pieces in the country.

Considering there is such a variety of galleries, studios, art shops, markets and art fairs it is hard to go past the idea to buy art in Melbourne Australia. The art appreciator is sure to find plenty of art to suit their tastes. It makes it more than a pleasure to buy art, but a sound and exciting investment.

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