Andrew Knowles, Aka Rudeboy Da Niceguy Works On A Expected Hit With Platinum Producer DJ Blackout

By Kelly Blomquist

Making his way through the Internet music scene from south Florida, Andrew Knowles, aka Rudeboy signed with Reign Entertainment in of June 2010. Along with the signing, Rudeboy Da Niceguy works on a expected hit with platinum producer DJ Blackout. Rudeboy’s been making a big splash around town and that splash is going to be a tidal wave soon with the anticipated release of a new hit from this collaboration.

Having played shows nationally, DJ Blackout met Jada Kiss and did tours with him for 3 years. While playing at a club in South Beach, Florida, he met JaRule and started working in music production. After a time he began his own company, Blackout Movement, and in 2005, he and Danny “Styles” Schofield joined up and the pair has won several Rhythm and Soul Music Awards.

Rudeboy has been christened by his fans as King of Da Club and New King of South Florida. As a up and coming hip-hop artist it is hoped that this new collaboration with Reign Entertainment and DJ Blackout, will shine more national light on this talented rapper. With a contagious combination of rap, techno and strong beat, the music definitely makes you need to get up and move your body.

After relocating to the Miami-Dade County area from the Bahamas with his mother at age 3, Knowles learned the value of working hard through watching his mother work two jobs to keep them afloat. He still received backing from her in his enthusiasm for the entertainment industry, however. Before he was 16, he was creating his own music and he garnered the attention of Platinum Records and Mike Green. They gave Knowles admission to recording studios and put him on the early road of his career. When Knowles transplanted to Palm Beach County at the age of 18 though, he was unsure if music would be his profession.

Knowles finally met up with local music producers, Smif-N-Gunz, while working two jobs to earn a living and together they got his music back on track. Working the party and club rounds he’s been getting a lot of recognition in the south Florida night scene.

For the time being, Rudeboy’s music is available only through the Internet, but it can occasionally be heard now on a couple of radio stations. With his two new working partners, it’s hoped that Rudeboy’s music will soon be debuting on national radio stations and his albums will start showing up at the local record shops. It’s time that south Florida stopped monopolizing his talent and let the rest of us have some fun.

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