Band Live – Wedding Day Success!

By Stacey Turner

Are you interested in hiring a band? Live wedding entertainment is always a nice option to consider and hiring a band is a good form of live entertainment.

As a member of a band this may as yet be an unexplored avenue, but it’s definitely one you should give some consideration to.

Its an ideal avenue of income for the band and your performance will give the happy couple a day to remember for the rest of their lives.

More often than not the bride and groom will have a few favorite songs they would like to hear you play so you should be prepared to communicate with them and take requests even if this involves learning a few new tracks for the occasion. They may, for example, want a certain song for their first dance.

As far as building up a reputation is concerned, many leads may come as a result of a good performance so its advisable to have an information pack put together about the band for potential clients to refer to.

Getting these wedding gigs is no easy task. Sign your band up with a local agent, they can be found online or in the yellow pages. Create your own website or social networking page. On your page you should have some demo songs or videos, testimonials, a list of up and coming gigs and a point of contact.

Remember to include the cost of the whole deal when putting together a fee for your appearance. A band performing at a wedding can usually double the fee they would normally receive for a pub gig due to the extra preparations needed and the length of time on stage.

Keeping an up-to-date gig diary is essential to avoid any overbooking. Reservations for weddings are made months in advance of the event so you must keep on top of these at all times. Before accepting a gig at a venue it is important that you check out the parking facilities, especially if you have heavy gear to unload before and put away after your performance. Another thing you will have to do is make sure the stage is big enough to take the band and all the equipment.

Overlooking simple things like whether or not the venue has a live music license and it is fitted out with sufficient power outlets to accommodate the instruments can cause all manner of problems for a live band so particular care and attention should be paid to all the details, in order to get things just right.

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