Collar Pins – Cost-Effective Marketing Tools

By Myra Price

A corporate gift is an important tool for building permanent relationships with clients and employees. Judicious selection of the gift is important, considering the fact that a corporate gift has varied roles to play in an organization’s success.

Collar Pins, by virtue of their variety in terms of colour and design, apart from being appealing, fit the bill perfectly. These pins come in creative patterns and can also bear the company’s logo on them, which enhances their beauty. They can also be printed with the slogan of the organization or can be profiled like a specific product to make them more relevant.

Owing to their variety, they have an excellent impact on employees and clients. As corporate gifts, they gratify both staff and customers, and hence they help in employee retention and in generating repeat business.

Selection of a corporate gift also depends a lot on how much you want to shell out for it. The impact of collar pins outweighs their cost and therefore they are an excellent investment. Their versatility makes them sought after among the beneficiaries and unlike a lot of other gifts that are mere showpieces adorning desks at workplaces, collar pins are taken around everywhere. They can be worn everyday to work or elsewhere, which enables them to garner a lot of attention, therefore popularising the company’s brand.

The organizations, however, have some key points to remember before they distribute collar pins as corporate gifts. Strength of collar pins is of prime importance as they should be designed for daily use.

The second factor is printing of design on the collar pins, which must be sensible and attractive so that it increases their chances of being worn on a regular basis. Being far too colourful or having an asymmetric design may not go down well with the people. The practicality and suitability of use must be emphasized during the design of collar pins so that the wearer doesn’t face any inconvenience.

Corporate gifts are a good way for a company to extend its presence among its target audience, as such gifts have great visibility and circulation among the public. In this regard, collar pins fit the bill like no other corporate gift does. They have been used extensively by organizations for a long time and have always come out as winners. Companies that have not yet tried collar pins as corporate gifts must wake up to the immense potential of this tool in creating a successful brand identity.

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