Custom Framing Professionals Facts

By Leo DesRoches

Custom framing is framing that is specifically implemented to enhance and protect a particular piece of art. All the components of the framing that go into the framing are sized and cut to the art. Custom framing is generally done by an expert framer. The professional framer works with the client to pick the proper mounting, matting glass, frame and hanging components. The custom framer can be depended upon to work with the client using his expertise to offer framing that will protect your artwork and display it in the ideal way. This professional framer guides the client. This sort of framing can not be achieved with off the shelf framing components.

Custom framing now is far better than even what it was even a few years ago. Mounting boards, tapes, what it was even a few years ago. Mounting boards, tapes, mats and glass have been much improved upon. Mats are buffered to a ph neutral or ultimately “rag”. Glass provides more clarity and UV protection. Special barriers are available to prevent acid seepage via the wooden frame and backing papers (dust covers) are now available with acid-free paper.

Instead of big box personnel the framers in most custom shops are professionals based on their background, training, and capability to supply state of the art framing. They should be able to assist on current color trends and styles, additional safeguards to be taken with more precious artwork and, more notably, the right care for the particular historical time period of the art. In addition to the standard mat display of single double and even more multiple mats other enhancements of the mats should be thought about. These include v-grooves, kobe corners, French lines and panels and fillets.

The types of picture glass have grown to be a major consideration. Among the options are standard glass, etched non-glare glass, UV glass to shield from UV rays, UV non-glare glass, and museum glass and on and on. Each kind of glass is more expensive compared to previous therefore selection should be based on what is needed for every individual case, what is reasonably priced to the client, keeping in mind that quality increases with price.

The professional custom picture framer constantly considers the technique to be used to hang the art. You will find available on the market a variety of hangers that the framer might decide on to properly hang the art. Considerations are the size and weight of the art, the composition of the particular hanging wall and the capability to adapt for height and level.

Custom framing is definitely an asset to art as a professional custom framer has the ability and sources of supply to properly frame your art to improve its value and beauty and to preserve it for the future.

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