Deciding How You Should Buy Digital Cameras

By Henry Wilson

Today consumers will find many choices when they buy digital cameras. Cameras are available in point and shoot models as well as DSLR. The right camera for you will depend on your plans for use. There are many models available and some are sold at very affordable prices.

When digital cameras were new, the largest challenge was to find the camera that offered the most megapixels. The pixels are the dots that form the image on the screen. More dots mean a higher resolution of your picture. Nearly all cameras today offer a minimum of ten megapixels. That resolution means that ten million dots fill the computer screen for each shot on the camera.

Most casual camera users will find that the point and shoot models offer all that they need. These cameras are easy to use and can give you some great shots. There is no need to focus the camera or mess with light settings. It is great for someone that likes an easy to use camera without all the frills.

You will find many cameras that offer a zoom feature. You can get a closer shot of your subject without having to move closer. In addition, it is possible to zoom in on a photo on your computer, but you could lose some resolution.

The DSLR works like the SLR film camera. The greatest difference you will find is that the photos are now on digital media. The camera accepts different lenses and many offer either a manual or an automatic mode. A flash is usually built into the camera.

Digital cameras offer high quality pictures without the cost or bother of purchasing film and sending out for processing. If you have pictures of which you want prints, the digital photos can be sent electronically to many print processing companies that prepare photo quality prints. In addition, you photos can easily be shared with family and friends.


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