Green Gift Giving In The Corporate World: A Profile Of Eco-Friendly Corporate Keepsakes

By Phil Shores

Indeed, it needs a wee bit more effort on the part of a company that likes to give corporate gifts that are socially and environment friendly. Nevertheless, these keepsakes are more appreciated for their positive involvement to the improvement of human lives and the conservation of the planet for future generations.

When you’re honouring hardworking staff and esteemed clients with ecologically friendly or socially friendly corporate gifts, you’re also encouraging a green life-style that demonstrates your company concerns about our planet and the less advantaged people so more will naturally cherish the gift.

Of course the best type of eco gift is one where you do not in fact give anything! There are umpteen such gift options now available such as Buy1GIVE1, Kiva and Change The Present.

When you use eco-friendly corporate gifts it is always fundamental to know your recipient. You’ll want to choose a gift that represents the gratitude you feel. Whether its for saying thank you for staying in the office late to meet tight deadlines or running that extra mile to close a sales deal, your team members dedicated their precious time to the improve your business. So the extra effort needed to create a special eco-gift or social gift is fitting considering the reason why you want to give the gift in the first place.

More and more customers and employees value something that gives twice. They experience the greatest gift in knowing that a child, the environment, a school or other impressive causes have benefited because of them.

Several years ago no one would have thought that giving to a charity cause in the name of one of your customers or staff would be considered a meaningful gift. Well thankfully times have changed! Employees are looking beyond material goods these days and are wanting for new meaning in their work and life. Eco and Social gifts can be sensational presents.

Change the Present is a charity organisation that allows you to transform our world while giving to others. Just Google them to find out more.

Buy1GIVE1 is a special organization based in Singapore that permits you, as a company, to give each time you sell something. This magnificent concept of what is called transaction based giving is very influential when you consider that you can share the joy of giving with your customers and staff – everyone can be involved. To find out more, search for them in Google, keying in Buy1GIVE1 or B1G1.

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