Green Zone, Fast Paced War Drama Based On Truth

By Jeanie Guy

A Matt Damon movie, the Green Zone is somewhat similar to his Bourne series of films. This movie is action packed just like the Bourne movies but instead of a spy thriller, it is a war drama. It’s set in 2003 and Damon and his team are searching for WMDs weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. This films name refers to the area set up around the government grounds of the one time leader of the people of Iraq, Saddam Hussein’s palace also known as the Emerald City.

This movie came from a book written by a Washington Post Baghdad Bureau chief, who was stationed briefly in Iraq, Rajiv Chandrasekaran. The author was present when the American forces were attempting to set up a temporary government of American troupes on the grounds of Hussein’s former palace. Many critics say this new governing body was built in a bubble and so distant from the reality that was the Iraq War; it could do nothing but fail to meet the needs and desperate wants of the people in that country.

This movie is a fictional account told in that time period with all its thrilling drama and set when and where the actual US-led occupation of Bagdad happened. The director, Paul Greengrass of United 93, and screenwriter Brian Helgeland used most of Chandrasekaran’s accounts from his book as the starting point for their own movie story. This is a story of an officer, Damon, who joins up with a good-guy CIA agent, Brendon Gleeson of In Bruges and Beowulf, to find evidence of the weapons of mass destruction. The CIA agent is a senior member of the bureau but can only offer so much help.

Amy Ryan of Gone Baby Gone and the Office is cast as a foreign correspondent form the New York Times who has journeyed to Iraq to investigate the allegations from the US about the weapons of mass destruction. Another special appearance is made by Greg Kinnear, of The Last Song, as another special CIA agent but is trying to make the story a completely different one then what the reporter’s take on it is.

Damon’s character can only find out the source of Ryan’s information is Magellan and he hunts everywhere for the identity of this secret name. But Ryan is a true journalist and will not give up her source so it says as Magellan and the weapon’s of mass destructions remains a mystery. Damon’s character will even confront Ryan’s character about her sources but she holds fast to her journalistic convictions and will not reveal them. This only proves to thicken the plot.

Damon’s character does not give up and keeps going even though he is being feed faulty Intel and someone is playing with covert operations. Damon’s character will come up empty handed, time and time again. There seems to be so much information out there that Damon’s character is not allowed to see and sometimes, when he gets close, he also gets caught in a gun battle only to fight his way out. Even people in his own unit are telling him to let it go. Damon’s a good solider and determined to do the right thing for America and the people of Iraq so he carries on.

After a while, it becomes clear that Kinnear’s character is working against Damon’s character and not with him. Damon’s character is kidnapped and fights his way to freedom. The quest for the truth becomes his most valuable weapon in Damon’s character’s bag of tricks but leaves the audience with many unanswered questions.

Will Damon’s character help to clear up a rouge regimen or will the war continue to escalade in an increasing unstable situation. The Green Zone is a must see for anyone who likes war movies, intrigue and suspense. There are twists and turns and action in every scene. The director, Greengrass was the same director of two of the Bourne movies so one will not be disappointed in this action packed film.

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