I Hate To Shop But Shopping Online With Dubli Changed That

By David Batchelor

Where can you find a Harley-Davidson 2009 FLHX Street Glide, valued at $25K for a mere $4,700.25(US)? Successful bidder and smart shopper, Peter Riggio knows where. Just scoot on over to Dubli for a shopping online experience you’ll never forget. It’s really an amazing place, but you’ve got to see it to believe it!

Remember back when your Dad told you that ‘timing was everything’ when it came to making money in the stock market? Maybe your Dad didn’t tell you that, but maybe your Mom mentioned that timing was important when it came to getting the best price on something you needed. She may have even taught you how to clip coupons from the Sunday paper.

So as the Sunday paper dwindled down to nearly nothing and as the stock market fell flat on its knees, you’re probably wondering where the basis for all of that parental wisdom is these days. Where’s the fun in saving money “now” and how the heck can you practice all those ‘timing’ lessons your folks taught you when the market goes bust?

Now you can let others shop till they drop, but you can be smart and stay at home watching prices fall at Dubli. You bid, then you bet on the timing of when the price hits rock bottom — or at least you bet on the timing of when you ‘think’ its hit rock bottom. It’s everyone’s bid and it’s anyone’s bet as to who and when the best price will be snatched up by one lucky person!

Shopping with Dubli is a lot like that same thrill you get when you visit one of those Estate Consignment stores near where you live. It begins with needing something. That something is usually expensive. That something is expensive mainly because you have really good taste. But then you spot the deal! A $15,000 chair now available for twenty bucks. Has the world turned upside down or have you just been transported to shopper’s Heaven?

The action at Dubli is as much fun and is almost as fast as the action at any table in Vegas. But at least at Dubli you’ll come away with more than your money’s worth. Without leaving home! It’s like taking a vacation and shopping for stuff you need and want without the need for travel expenses.

Shopping at Dubli is like combination gaming + shopping + auction. It’s more than just the typical ‘online auction house’ because here it seems “timing” is everything! But then again if you can pick up a $35,000 car for a thousand bucks, wouldn’t you stay glued to your monitor for a few hours?

You can learn more about how it works over at Dubli’s site. There are even more ways to save money and make money with Dubli. It’s more than simply shopping online. It’s like a thrill ride for grown ups. It really is!

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