Improve Your Wedding And Event Photography Skills Today

By Jennifer Wong

Professional event photography is a lucrative career. A person who shoots live events such as weddings, conferences, award functions and concerts is known as an event photographer.

People normally believe that all you need to do to become an event photographer is to bring a camera and keep taking photographs through the event. However, this is not correct at all. An event photographer must have some important skills to excel at his job, which he/she can sharpen through many advanced courses available for this objective.

From the outside you may think that as the photographer runs around just clicking that there is no method in their photography. At an event there is an objective in place that must be met. Getting a large extended run of great top quality pictures takes skill and a great eye. Being quick off the mark is a must to capture all those unexpected shots.

Having an artistic vein is a prerequisite for an event photographer and he must be able to adapt to the tone of the occasion. For instance, a wedding needs to be covered in an entirely different manner than a sports event. Thus, the photographer needs the ability to artistically reflect the mood of an event through his photos.

Remember at an event you are there to take the picture and not actually be part of the shots. By that what is meant is that you should be able to do your work without upsetting the course of the event. No one really should know you are there. When people do not think you are there, not only do you gain the best candid real shots you also do not disturb the event.

Event photography also requires appropriate handling of many issues that a photographer might have to confront during the event. A bumbling and careless approach doesn’t quite work in event photography. The photographer should be ready with his equipment and camera much before the start of the event. Taking the job casually and walking in an event without any planning will jeopardize your chances of doing well in this profession.

It is obvious that an event photographer should know his art inside out. He must know his equipment thoroughly and must have a fair idea about how to manipulate the settings to get a top class result. The use of illumination and different angles is critical in any form of photography and a photographer ought to know how to make use of them in various situations.

Offering an event photography service also means that you are in business. You’re no longer an recreational photographer clicking a few photos for friends you are a professional. Because you are in business you will need to better your non-photography skills such as your people and communication skills. Take the time to do communication and people management training courses because they will pay dividends for you particularly if this is a weak spot for you. If your communication skills are low your business growth will be slow. Being able to be effective with people is a No1 skill in this industry and field of photography. Books like ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ are also a must to read. Grow your individual communication skills today and watch your business grow tomorrow.

In short, event photography needs a full time professional who is prepared to discover all the varied facets of this discipline. You also need to enhance your alertness levels and adaptability to be able to succeed in this field.

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