Is There An Ethical Consideration In Corporate Gift Giving

By Robert Brown

Corporate gift giving is a tad impersonal than when we give gifts to people we are close to. Basically, when we give gifts to people we know, we most likely take into consideration if the person receiving the gift will be pleased with what we have given them. In corporate gift giving, however, this consideration is usually absent.

Corporate gifts are usually costly things and they do not carry any business logo or brand name, as their purpose is not marketing or advertising. However, companies often do promotion through distribution of small items like key chains, pen holders, dongles, and other gifts to the workforce and prospective customers.

At the time of giving a corporate gift, it is nevertheless important to keep in consideration the interests of the individual to whom the gift is being presented, and attempt to customize it accordingly. Corporate gifts should always be selected with the receiver in mind. There’s no point giving a gift – especially a corporate gift – to an individual who will not treasure what we have given. We should be seeking to create a ‘WOW’ wherever possible.

In order to reinforce and promote a good relationship with a customer or a member of the staff, it is essential to remember that the perceived value of the corporate gift is critical. Prior to giving a corporate gift, you should consult with your legal department about any constraints that may have been enforced by law on this practice.

Before purchasing corporate gifts you should prepare a budget, find out the number of gifts to be given, and look for good offers for a mass purchase from the wholesalers. This is clearly more important in case of gifts to staff, especially if yours is a big company. You should buy the right number of gifts so that no employee whom you plan to appreciate is left out.

In conclusion, the custom of giving corporate gifts to your staff and clients is a good way to build strong working associations. But don’t forget to keep the law and expense related aspects in mind.

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