Lanyards Are Trendy Corporate Gifts

By Olivia Brown

Businesses often end up allocating a lot of money on their marketing strategy. At several events, they use their merchandise to create an atmosphere of belongingness for all the participants. Irrespective of the type of merchandising that an organization uses, the main objective always is to form a positive impression on prospective customers. Using lanyards is a very effective way of achieving this.

One of the most popular and efficient forms of marketing at business events has been T-shirts printed with the name of the company. But lanyards are not to be ignored and they are already catching up with t-shirts. They draw a lot of attention from people, which gives visibility to the company’s logo and tagline, and that is why their use is increasing.

The utility of lanyards increases manifold at corporate events like seminars, symposiums, and trade exhibitions. The event can be made livelier be handing out lanyards to the participants. The lanyard may also contain the name of the occasion along with the company name, and hence act as a souvenir for the recipients.

Lanyards are a much better choice than t-shirts as far as the cost consideration is concerned. They are able to create a good image of the organization in front of customers and very often remind them about the company.

Lanyards, apart from being very inexpensive and effective, also have other benefits as promotional items. Lanyard can be printed with lively colours, which helps in attracting people’s notice towards them. As they can be made use of for many purposes like showing your ID cards, they have a high reusability value. In addition, people always find some personal use for a lanyard, and since it remains close to them, it is able to continuously remind them about your brand.

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