Pre-Bridal Photography Ideas

By Joel Wong

Ask any of your married friends about bridal day stress and you will sure to still be talking with them two hours later.

Your wedding day should be relaxing and laid back. You should not have a care in the world on your once-in-a-life-time special day. Yet for many couples they don’t always experience this.

You will be run off your feet on your wedding day no matter how well you plan your day. But the better you plan then the better your experience will be.

Your wedding day will be full for sure but stress can be avoided as long as you get lots of support and plan well. Remember your wedding professionals are there to take the stress from you and if have planned well a few of your close friends will be there to catch any problems for you and solve them.

Ten years ago Pre-Wedding photography started to become very popular in Singapore. The reason was that many couples simply found that their actual wedding day was too stressful and way too full.

Switched on wedding photographers started to offer pre-bridal photography packages so that not only could the stress be removed from the actual day, any risk with bad weather was removed and also then an album was available at the reception.

Pre-wedding packages come in all shapes and sizes. Most of the packages offered will include both outdoor shots as well as studio shots. Simply ask your photographer what will be included in your package.

As well as making sure you get a great set of photos for your album, pre-bridal photos mean that you have something special to show at your actual wedding to your guests, which is always nice.

Like all good ideas, pre-wedding photography has caught on around the world. It may not be called pre-bridal photography but the idea still exists. Just ask your professional bridal photographer about including this option when they give you a price.

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