Seven Important Benefits Of Choosing A Band To Hire

By Billie Rivers

Having trouble choosing between live entertainment or a disc jockey for your wedding, party or function? Then read the following seven important benefits of choosing a band to hire for your special occasion.

1. Effort: A live band is guaranteed to try their hardest for you and give their best performance to impress you and your guests. Unsigned, local bands depend heavily on word of mouth and recommendations in getting other gigs and jobs. This means that they will do whatever it takes to play a good show and keep people talking about them and consider them for their next event long after your event is over.

2. Hiring live musicians may take a lot of responsibility and stress off of you. Performers have the ability to recognize surrounding actions, activities and even subtle mood changes and instantly and discreetly alter the music using volume, tempo and/or lyrics to more appropriately fit the current atmosphere of your occasion. This ability can make your event flow better and run smoother.

3. Bands can personalize or alter lyrics for you. This can be a very sweet and special touch in honoring a guest! A band can simply throw in their name or a message in a favorite song and you have an instant personal touch! Because disc jockeys use prerecorded album versions of music, usually on a computer, this is not an option they offer. This is a very unique way to differentiate your special day from others.

4. Live performers have the ability to radiate energy like no other entertainment. Whether or not they can work a crowd is imperative to their whole performance, so they will do what it takes to get the party started and make sure everyone has a good time. Furthermore, they have the ability to curb energy and can start your occasion winding down in a subtle manner.

5. Due to the fact that live entertainment isn’t experienced everyday most people consider it a luxury. This fact makes it easy for bands and performers to add a little elegance and extravagance to your day and ensure that it will be recognized as the important, special occasion that it is.

6. Different: Why do what everyone else does and hire a DJ? Make your event unique. Everyone enjoys live music if it played well. Make your event something for people to remember and talk about for a long time!

7. A more important contrast between disc jockeys and live performers is that performers can be auditioned ahead of time. This makes it much easier to ensure quality and satisfaction at your event and also gives you a chance to create a specific set list for the band to practice prior to their performance.

As you can see, these seven major benefits of hiring a live band/live music for your wedding/party/function strongly illustrate that choosing a band to hire can easily make your special occasion less stressful, energetic and personal, classy and up to your standards.

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