4 Fantastic Ideas On How To Wear Wellies

By Jack Wogan

Walking trough rain is no fun. Even if you have an umbrella you might end up ruining your new lather boots you paid so much for. What can you do if you have to walk your dog and it’s raining, or snowing? Or you just simply have to go out. Remember that fishing trip your friends have been nagging you about? You have nothing to wear that would avoid getting soaking wet feet. If you are looking for a solution for all these problems, and other more like these, then you are looking for wellies.

They were first worn by the Duke of Wellington, from whom they even got the name. Besides their functionality, they look really cool with any kind of outfit. After all royalties wore them and nowadays they are Hollywood celebrities’ favorite pick. Wellies are really fashionable ways of coping with rain, snow or muddy places.

Every girl would like to wear wellies, but some do not know what they can combine them with. The answer is easy. They practically go with all types of outfits. Try them with trousers, or jeans, tucked in or not. You’ll definitely get a kickin’ outfit you can use all seasons. Put on a lean top, or an empire waist top to complete the outfit. If it is too cold go for one of those fabulous ladies leather jackets. Have big sunglasses and a big purse and you may get mistaken for a Hollywood star.

Baby doll dress: black, pink, denim, silk, they all go amazing with wellies. Modern or vintage baby doll dresses with these rubber boots can be an excellent choice for party wear. If there is something distinctive on your dress, like a knot, or a ribbon, try to get the same pattern on the wellies too.
Shorts: Imagine black denim shorts with a fitted blouse and printed wellies. They fit perfectly for a casual, fancy look. Try all kind of prints, starting from floral, polka dots, stripes, or funnier ones like paws, puppies, or leopard motifs.

Skirts: If you like skirts, then you are lucky. Mini, maxi, or knee length skirts, they all go with wellies. A perfect idea would be for example a stylish tulip skirt, in a strong color, black tights and a tank. Choose the rubber boots the same color as the skirt or the tank.

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