A Look At Cheech And Chong Called Hey Watch This

By Zachary Rivera

Many a mis-spent childhood can be put down to smoking your life away watching Cheech and Chong and other cult classics. Hey Watch This is the reunion of those famous potheads that found their way in to the hearts and minds of lots of people. Anyone who was a fan of their music or their movies will instantly connect with this latest release.

They have lost none of their comedy genius end that is evident from the first five minutes of the film. So it makes you wonder why they ever stopped when they had so much to offer. Well Tommy Chong answered that question on stage when he said “The truth is we broke up because we got rich”. The next line can’t be quoted but suffice to say it will have you rolling with laughter.

Tommy’s wife is a bit of a revelation as someone with good stage presence. Although we saw her in their older films she was not part of the title and so had less plaudits than she perhaps deserved. You will find that she could well have had her own successful career had she pursued it more.

It’s not hard to realise where she may have learned the trade as Tommy is hilarious in front of the crowd. There are some parts of his act if it is an act that will have you rolling with laughter. It’s hard not to divulge some of the funnier moments but you will without doubt find it funny in the extreme.

Without divulging the details of the stage act, it’s fair to say that Tommy’s stories about going to jail are hilarious. He was jailed for a nine month sentence for selling Bong pipes and he tells the story well. He also takes a look at the penal system and the court system that puts you there. Funny is all that can be said as well as his take on the book of creation and exodus from the Bible.

Cheech we all know a little better these days as he has had much success working in many Hollywood blockbusters over the years. He is a very funny man on stage and just like Tommy, he has his own brand of comedy style. In this performance he plays through some of his old routines to huge applause and demonstrations of appreciation from the audience.

It’s never as entertaining though as when they are both on stage together. It’s a travesty that these two have not worked side by side for so long. Fans that see this will surely want to see them repeat the performance in more venues than just San Antonio where this was filmed.

There is a definite connection with the fans that is hard to get in this day and age. Not everyone will like them but that’s the whole point. You don’t have to be pro-drugs to enjoy their jokes but it will help tremendously. Hey Watch This may not contain tons of new material but it doesn’t need it. You are still going to have to pick yourself off the floor when you fall off your chair laughing.

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