Choosing An Engagement Ring

By Clare Westwood

Engagement rings are typically made up of two parts; the setting of the stone and the stone itself. The classic six prong solitaire style was made famous by Tiffany in 1886 and has remained a popular and favourite classic ever since. The simplicity and elegance of the style is possible why.

Different variations of the solitaire shape and style can be found with carved and engraved bands and some bands containing side stones. Often the side stones are set in rows on either side of the main diamond. Baguette diamonds are also another extremely popular choice.

Ways in which you can enhance the look and size of your diamond include placing it in an illusion setting. Illusion settings became popular in the 1930s and 1940s and involve the diamond being placed in a carved centre box. Often versions with pave stones are available in this form too.

Antique style engagement rings are also in fashion recently and often elegant filigree style Edwardian rings are chosen. Modern ring designers are also getting involves in the antique look and incorporating antique style designs into their collections.

Engagement rings chosen by celebrities also tend to vary greatly and whilst some choose ott style rocks others choose to opt for more serious and understated rings. For example Grace Kelly received a 12 carat emerald cut ring from Prince Rainier whereas Jacqueline Bouvier received a 2.88 carat emerald and diamond ring from John F Kennedy.

The sapphire and diamond engagement ring worn by Princess Diana and the ruby and diamond ring worn by Sarah Ferguson prompted an increase in the amount of gemstone engagement rings sold.

If you have decided to surprise your partner with a ring then you may wish to gauge a view of her personal style and fashion before making a purchase. You may also find help in places such as her friends, family and current collection of jewellery. If you have been discussing the engagement for a long time she may have some ideas of her own too.

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