Fashion Basics

By Jack Wogan

It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, surely you are interested in the way you look and in the way others look at you. In order to make sure you always make a good impression it is very important to invest in appropriate clothes because they are things you will be wearing for a long time and not something you will throw away after just a few weeks. This is an investment worth making.

Nevertheless, most people do not even afford to buy new clothes each season or each time the fashion trends change, thus, in their case, it is advisable to make a more serious investment in a few classic items, which can be worn on several occasions and which do not depend on the fashion trends. It is very good to have some standard items in your closet, which you can combine to make original outfits appropriate for every season. We are all aware of the fact that there are some items and styles that never go out of fashion.

For women, such an item is the little black dress, which looks great on any woman and underlines her best assets, not to mention the great advantage of being able to wear it on almost any occasion. Also very important are the stilettos any woman should wear when she wants to feel and look sexy. The rest of the basic wardrobe should be neuter-looking in order to be easy to match.

It is easier for men to choose basic clothes as all they need is an elegant suit and some matching shoes to wear for more important occasions. In all the other situations it is enough to wear a t-shirt and a nice straight jacket. Men are also lucky enough to be able to sport jeans anytime they like and look great in them.

It is crucial to analyze your body type, your hobbies, the places you often go to, the clothes you feel comfortable in and, of course, the clothes that look good on you. Think how you would like to appear to others and what the requirements of your job are because this will have to influence your decision as well. Make sure you will not buy clothes you do not like or do not look good on you.

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