Find Out More About What Is Digital Art

By Adriana Noton

Knowing what is digital art first depends on how you define the term. When people think of the term, they generally think of pictures, most likely of a beautiful landscape being looked over by people in a gallery.

If you are looking to apply to an art school, you may be interested in a course that utilizes computer programs. This can equally apply to sound engineering, graphic design and so forth. While people can point to the competitive nature of getting a career in art, animation and so forth, this does not diminish the importance of learning the structure and self discipline that comes with studying and specializing in a field.

There is a wide variety of digital artwork, covering everything from films to music. In some cases, it may not be immediately obvious that computers have been involved. For example, the television animation series South Park may appear to be based on crude paper cut outs but it is in fact animated exclusively on a computer.

This however is not necessarily the case. The world of film is relatively new in terms of art at just over a century old. When the first films came out, they were regarded as a novelty. There was no attempt at narrative, the most famous example being people diving away from a steam engine.

In recent years, artists have used video game programming to subvert the very goal orientated medium that Roger Ebert refers to. A recent example began like a typical problem solving puzzle game, asking the gamer to guide people onto a train, ensuring they can get in, prising open doors and so forth. It is only at the end of the game that it is revealed that these people are being taken to a concentration camp. This then provokes a reaction in the gamer, a stark and disturbing reminder of the power of instruction.

For people interested in the games industry, there are courses available in games design. While this does not guarantee a job with a major programmer, learning the process and the attention to detail needed is important to learn.

This kind of manipulation also extends to other areas. Digital imaging software now allows people to create new images from photography. In some cases, their use has been quite controversial. In fashion photography, the process known as airbrushing removes perceived imperfections on a model, creating a false representation of their looks. Many groups are concerned that the presence of these images can have a negative effect on body perception.

Like any degree, it is worth thinking very carefully about your own personal interests before committing to a period of study. It is worth looking if the area has a connection to the industry you want to enter and whether it is possible to get work experience either as part of the degree or on a voluntary basis in between semesters.

Questioning the value of learning how to produce or study digital art misses the point from art schools. While it would be ideal to get a career on the basis of your talents, learning how to develop from art institute can also help enrich your life and open up all kinds of artistic possibilities.

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