How To Become A Stand Up Comedian

By Hank Evans

If you have the extraordinary talent of making people laugh, you may want to consider a career as a professional stand up comedian. However, being successful at it requires more than just sheer talent ? you need to be smart and witty and most of all you must have the guts to go before throngs of people.

If you are serious in making a career out of your talent, always have with you a pen and paper so you can jot down any witty joke that comes to your mind. At the end of the day, you can review what you’ve written down.

Write whatever you think is funny, but do not restrict your creativity on writing for a character. When you are on stage just be yourself and let your own character come to life as you deliver your jokes and it will just come out naturally. Never set foot onstage not knowing what to say or where to begin. Remember that in comedy, timing is everything. You will also need to master your ad lib in case you suddenly forget your script. This will make you save yourself from embarrassment. Even your mistakes will be funny.

Before going onstage, know whom you are performing for so that you can come up with an appropriate setting. Do not belittle your audience and do not act superior to them because it is embarrassing if the audience dislikes you.

Remember, your audience may already have an impression about you even before you have spoken your first words. Instead of thinking of this as a disadvantage on your part, think of it as an opportunity to take things under control. Start with confidence so your audience will know that you have the ball on your side.

It usually happens with professional comedians to have performances on the same location many times during the week. If you happen to experience this, too, just make sure that you have something different to show every time in order to keep your audience out of boredom. There are different styles that you can assume, so don’t be afraid to try one style to another. Practice making a joke out of anything as this helps you to develop your sense of humor.

If you are not taking charge of the situation, you will begin to lose your audience’s confidence, and you certainly wouldn’t want that; else you’d just have to consider getting a career change instead.

Pursuing a career as a comedian is not a joke. Practicing and learning how to deliver a joke with the right timing are very significant to a good comedian. You have to be prepared because it is going to be a long way for you to go and the pay sometimes is not as rewarding as the effort. Stay funny and know what makes your audience laugh; then, you will be fulfilling your goals soon.

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