Online Promotion

By Bindu Srinivasan

Awareness about any service or product is very important for its sale. If people are not aware on the product available in the market it will not sell. The Promotion creates awareness in the market about the available products, so that the potential customers can be reached. Promotion is the best way to get your message reach people. It not only helps to make a product successful but also improve the performance of the brand it helps. It informs an individual about the advantages and uses of the products. Media promotion has gained a lot of importance over the decades and today it is most widely used for promotion.

No matter what field, media is considered the best option to promote products. Television and radio are the most common forms of media which are heavily used for promotion. It not only informs your existing customers but also helps to gain new customers.

However now a days internet is gaining a lot of importance in terms of promotion. Social networking sites are very popular among youth. You can see lakhs of people who have taken the membership in such sites in order to socialize with their friends. Social networking sites these days are used as a platform to promote services, products and also movies. These sites contribute a lot to increase the customers to a brand.

Upcoming movies create communities on social sites like Twitter, Orkut, Facebook etc., and promote their movies to increase their fans and popularity. Colourful banners of the movie attract people and compel them to like the movie. The Advertisers also start Games related movies in order to promote their movie and make their movie visible to a large number of people.

Advertisers also conduct several contests where the winner will get a chance to meet the actor or actress from the movie or could be the lucky winner of an expensive goodie. Like for instance there are daily exciting contests on Facebook which gives you an opportunity to win prizes. Gojiyo is one such social networking site where you can participate in interesting contest and win exciting prizes. The upcoming movie Aisha has streamed its music with Gojiyo. You can play games and make new friends over here. It is a world where you can get yourselves involved in activities that are not possible in real life.

Online promotion for movies is a kind of new age promotion. Youths are for the latest movies. Promoting movies online, especially on the social sites helps to create enthusiasm and excitement towards the movie and at the same time helps the advertisers to reach their target audience.

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