Quick Cell Mobile Evaluations

By Russell Coutier

Nokia N90 – With huge success of Nokia 60 series, N90 adds new taste in Nokia’s grooming market. Mainly based on series 60, Nokia N90 works with tri band and WCDMA network. The 173gram N90 is big, heavy duty, reliable cell phone like all other Nokia smart phones. However handles fit in palm with dimensions 112 x 51 x 24 mm. The phone has two screens, and folded. Twisting could be done as well.

Nokia N95 – Since the arrival of N-series, Nokia has rocked the smart phone market alive. With cell phones like N95, one can simply have an all in one mobile solution. We will take a brief look at the phone major capabilities beside the normal phone calls, text messages and cam etc. N95 is for music oriented minds, although it has not been mentioned by Nokia officially, nor you will find N95 TV commercials emphasizing that.

LG CU500 – Today’s cell phone market is loaded with cell phones similar to famous Razor by Motorola. The LG CU500 is one of them, but a matter of fact, LG CU500 easily beats its rivals as far as functionality, reliability and performance is concern. LG CU500, multimedia dream hardware is flip open, Quad band cell phone with dimensions 3.80″ (H) x 1.95″ (W) x 0.76″ (D) and weight of about 3.70 oz. The cell phone comes in different colors such as black, grey and other chrome colors.

Motorola RAZR V3 – With success of V series, Motorola assigned its engineers for another project named razor. It was all about to design and create a cell phone thin and metallic. The cell phone seems to be a PDA at first glance. The main reason behind the name “Razor” was the cell phone’s thickness of only 14mm. Touching the top edge will remind you morning shave. Yes! it looks that much sharp. Making a cell phone with metal alloy body, sleek and slim, and having less weight, was a real difficult task to do. But considering the fact that Motorola Razr V3 weighs not more than 100g, we must appreciate the efforts of V3 designers and engineers.

Sony Ericsson W810i – Being the pioneer of mobile phones with walkman capabilities, Sony Ericsson still leads the mp3 marathon. Sony Ericsson gained a lot of market with the introduction of W800. W810i is the next one in the assembly line. The W810i enriched kit provides you everything to run the cell phone smoothly. This 97gram device fits well in anybody’s palms with dimensions 100x46x19.5 mm. W810i comes in only one color and that is charcoal black.

Nokia E71 – The numeric keypad is a part of the alphabetical keypad. There is predictive text which makes texting very easy to accomplish. Above the keyboard there is a square navpad and this is very simple to understand and make use of. An alert light comes on and lets you know when you have a message. There are four shortcut keys on the phone.

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