Quick Cell Mobile Reviews

By Russell Coutier

Sony Ericsson W550 – Sony Ericsson W550 is a new family of music phones launched, along with W 550i and W 550c. it is a tribune/ GPRS phone that combines music, imaging and game playing to offer individuals a great companion who provides fun and entertainment, where ever they are, while still being alone. It is another walkman phone that aims to the fun lovers who always try and enjoy with whatever they are going through. It is thoroughly made keeping in mind those individuals who like to carry class along with sharing each and capturing each moment of their lives. There are tonnes of entertainment features that are comprises this Sony Ericsson W550.

Nokia 6133 – The look of this mobile competes with its functionality. This mobile phone is thin and weighs only 102g, giving it the distinction of being extremely portable and light to carry. The black casing feels soft to the touch. The keypad is silver, making the combination of black and silver look good. The chrome accents on the camera make it a fairly good looking phone. It has a nice convenient button to use the flip open option in the phone.

Samsung E900 – Samsung e900 is one of the quality handset presented in the market. The phone has many advanced multimedia utilities along with some useful business applications. It has touch sensitive keys and the smooth slider technology. It is a tri-band handset that includes Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

Motorola W220 – Motorola w220 is a class handset presented by the Motorola Company. The phone comes in a folding design. The phone comes in only one design that is the combination of black and silver color. It is a very well designed handset mostly for the customers who are looking have a well designed phone in a reasonable price. Though, the latest multimedia devices such as camera is not embedded with the phone but it is overall good phone which provide quality basic phone services.

LG VX9400 – The LG VX9400 is the quality handset launched by the company. The phone is quite attractive because of its swivel design and large screen. It looks similar to the basic slider phone. Now, TV and video watching on Mobile become an enjoyable experience with large display and good color. Only navigation buttons are displayed on the front and the handset rotates to the left side to get the numerical keypad visible.

Nokia E65 – The Nokia is a thriving multinational that is known for the latest technology mobile phones. Nokia e65 is the handset presented by Nokia that is somewhat alike to the conventional mobile phones. It is a slider handset, more useful for the professionals, as it has some specific features along with the high speed S60 operating system.

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