Reality Television Shows

By Wayne Torres

Nowadays, television networks are becoming more realistic in creating television shows for the general viewing public. It seems that people now are entertained by seeing other ordinary people doing extraordinary stuff on air!

The reality shows are still becoming famous among the television viewers. In the reality shows, the cast are the ordinary people who are placed in an uncertain situation to achieve something. The hourly programs consist of several unknown contestants who will strive for getting their targets.

Television companies have added variety to the reality shows. These can be classified as game shows, elimination round shows, dating shows, self improvement programs, dating shows, houses hidden camera shows, talk shows and documentary style programs.

In watching these seemingly tireless programs, we often see new faces in TV. Since ordinary people are commonly participating in these reality shows, these people are not too comfortable with the camera.

But anxiety can be seen in the contestants when they struggle for the prize. Viewers get to see the nervousness amongst the participants. For example, the contestants will travel around the world to find and beat clues to get the monetary prize in The Amazing Race.

The flight schedules, the run through airports, competition with other contestants and the inability to understand language results into anxiety from hard pressure.

This kind of scenario makes the show more realistic, since showing anxiety is not a common thing for actors, and that this somehow connects us to being somewhat real.

Another example is the famous show Fear Factor, where we find contestants doing hazardous things to compete against each other. These activities are horrible and scary for some people.

Participants in the Fear Factor struggle with their own fear and anxiety in a way one can’t just imagine. They eat living insects, jump from a height of three hundred feet in the air and get locked with snakes in the coffin.

It’s the fear and anxiety of contestants that can hype up the viewers. This reality is the enjoyment for public and people are coming closer to know what’s real and what’s not on the television. Entertainment is evolving to get a different outlook leaving behind the old fictions.

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