Trends Change, Relations Don’t

By Abhinav Bindra

Earlier weddings were always a hyped affair for people, all over the world. It used to be a matter of happiness and joy for all family members. But for the couple, the Fear of getting married to a complete stranger and who you are yet to fall in love with, is what troubles them, leading to anxiety and nervousness.

No doubt arranged marriages have most of the times been successful, even though it is a bit tough for ‘would be’ brides and grooms to accept a person who is a complete stranger as his/her life partner.

For youngsters, now things have changed drastically, marriage is not as important as it used to be, they believe in living life according to their own way. They do not seek a life partner so early, rather they believe in the theory of dating. They believe that life is to be lived to the fullest extent, getting married and bearing responsibility so early is not good. So, they look for dates on various dating and social networking websites. These dating websites understand the varying need of today’s youth and offer them desired services.

After a certain age, when life comes to a standstill, people start thinking of marriage. This is the stage when every human being wants stability for himself/herself. Due to other priorities in life, they are not able to search for a bride or groom in society. Arranged marriage never occurs to them, so they take a decision to seek help from online matrimonial websites or various matrimonial agencies.

Online matrimonial websites provide comprehensive details of matching people, such that people can glance at the positive attributes of potential partners; they can even see photographs listed in their profile and then take a decision. These websites provide you access to the contact details of people whom you are interested in. The contacts are secure, and no one can access this information without approval from either you or matrimonial service provider.

Online matrimonial websites can be compared to the ‘matchmakers’ next door. The trend is the same, it has just become a little better and advanced. After all trends change, relations don’t!!

“You know what!! I met a girl online. She is very cute, adorable, sweet and loving. We have just met twice in real life, but I guess she is perfect for me. We are getting married very soon”. How many times have you heard your friends or colleagues saying something like this?

Meet your future spouse in a virtual world, go on a date and get to know them before meeting in the real world! In GoJiyo it is as interesting as it sounds. All you need to do is register, play the game and start grooving with your prospective groom. Whether Igniz or Mauryavaas, whether dating or dancing, everything under one roof at GoJiyo.

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