Advanced Cosmic Ordering And Celebrities

By Khristy-Belle Strand

What makes celebrities successful? Many of them have started to admit that much of their success comes from cosmic ordering.

Other people have heard of ‘the secret’ and ‘the law of attraction’ but using cosmic ordering allows you to be more specific with your wishes.

Imagine for a minute that you have at your disposal a cosmic ordering service. All you need to do whenever you want something; anything at all si think about it and it will appear before you as if by magic. Amazing, isn’t it? Well, the even more amazing thing is that all of us already have access to this service; but most of us don’t take advantage of it and continue to ask for more of the same, again and again.

Look at life as a menu containing every possible food – but you just look at one line of that menu and keep ordering the bread every time! Maybe you just haven’t bothered to investigate the possibilities; or you feel like you only deserve what you already have.

Now picture yourself with limitless wealth. You can do everything you’ve ever wanted. You spend 11 months of the year traveling in your private jet. Life is like an unending vacation.

You wear the most expensive clothing and look absolutely marvellous. If you can picture this in your mind and hold it for a few minutes, you’re partially on your way. It is difficult to get a good picture of yourself in those circumstances if you’re like most people. For the majority of people, cosmic ordering seems beyond their reach. So what exactly is advanced cosmic ordering?

Advanced cosmic ordering is really for the majority of people who have not yet been successful at cosmic ordering. It basically means reprogramming your subconscious mind to clear all the negative programming which you have been subjected to since you were a child.

The years of negative programming and belief that there’s not enough for everyone dilutes and negates all the wonderful images that you put in your mind. Envy for another’s success reinforces the fact that you don’t have enough.

Belief that you don’t deserve the good things in life changes our order from the cosmic ordering service as quickly as it would in a restaurant when you realize there isn’t any money in your pocket.

Quantum mechanics is a branch of the sciences which has made available to us a whole new way of thinking about how the universe works. It provides a way of pondering why some people are more successful than others.

Your brain emits energy which is capable of affecting the smallest particle known to man – the quark. When a quark leaps from one level to another, it is called a quantum leap. When this change happens, the quark changes the properties of the atom containing it. Just think – if your mind can influence this change, than you can accomplish anything!

Many of us don’t think that you can actually change your circumstances by changing the way you think about them. They might have tried to do this once themselves – but without believing that it can work, the results are not going to be good. Quantum physics has shown us that observers can change the outcome of a process simply by observing it. If you watch something happen without believing that it can really happen, then it very likely won’t; you will then have negatively affected the outcome of that process by acting as an observer.

With the right instruction and practice, you can get anything you want from the cosmic ordering system. The ancients knew it existed, every religion emphasizes belief to make prayers come true, and yet in this enlightened world, most people listen to neither science nor religion for the answer but continue blindly down the path of poverty.

Training your mind to order the best for yourself is the right thing to do but you need help to clear away years of negative and poverty thinking. There are many aids today to speed the process and help you eliminate the failure pattern of the past and make room for the success of today.

Advanced cosmic ordering uses new audio technologies, including binaural tones. These sounds help attune your brainwaves to the correct frequency to communicate with the universe. This is the very state which Buddhist monks spend years in meditation to reach.

In combination with subliminal affirmations and self-hypnosis recordings, binaural sound helps you get rid of negative patterns and begin seeing results fast.

Advanced cosmic ordering can work for you. Once you master the techniques, everything you want will begin coming your way – but you’ll have to work at it too.

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