Band For Weddings

By Stuart Clarke

Finding a band for weddings is very easy all you need to do is go on the internet and use a search engine like yahoo or google to get thousands of search results.

After searching and finding so many results, how to choose the right band from among them? Well first you need to consider the type of music you prefer whether you enjoy listening to pop, rock, country, jazz or soul music.

Next thing to decide is how you want your music. From a certain era, a certain band or just a general mixture? So let’s say you decide on a soul band for your wedding. You would need to search for soul band.

Do not search for simply wedding band, since many bands play at various locations, events, parties, functions and so on.

So don’t exclude these bands just because they don’t advertise themselves as a wedding band as long as they have previous experience of playing at weddings then this is fine.

Finding the best wedding band is much easier than you may consider, since you can find out a lot of information online. Most really good bands have a website or even a social networking page that you can visit. There you should find some mp3s and videos of their performances.

Call any of their past gigs to find out more about the band and their performance. However, when they provide a great looking website that sounds professional and they get a lot of online traffic, you can almost guarantee finding a great band for weddings.

Now that you have chosen the band, agreed a price and chosen the songs you want played then that should be it. Well it is not unfortunately you have to make sure the venue has a licence for live music and the band has ample parking at the venue due to the heavy equipment they have to carry, otherwise the venue or having a band could be a complete non starter so check this out before you pay out any money to venues or bands.

You also need to make sure there are plenty of available space on stage as well as having access to all the power outlets they need. Also check to make sure that they have a changing room and find out if the location of your event uses a power limiter that can cut off the power when a band gets too loud. If they do make sure you tell the band so they know about the situation as well.

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