Charm Of Gold Wedding Ring

By Gavin Robertson

It is true that with the changing of time wedding couples have experienced lots of choices dealing with the wedding ring. The material of ring, the cut and style of stone especially diamond, the size and fashion of ring everything has faced a drastic change when it comes to be there. But a gold wedding ring is still the most popular choice of men and women over the world.

Nothing can take the place of a simple gold band. Gold, as a metal is a lovely yellow color. Gold is favorable because it is looking good when it is worn and giving the right shape to it is easy and it is also durable. Pure gold is also very malleable at 24 carats so it is easy to design and shape. However, the best thing about the gold wedding ring is that it is available in different shades, designs and goes well with other metals too.

Now you may not be sure about the factor that which type of gold ring would be perfect for the design you choose. Sometimes it is good to choose a type that is not 24 carat because every design is not suitable for 24c gold. This is because a higher carat that this would make the ring prone to twisting and going out of shape. So ensure that you select a wedding band that is either 14 c or 18 c. Also, the more the proportion of gold the more expensive the wedding rings will be. So, to have a long-lasting wedding ring that suits your budget, select the appropriate carat value. Budget is another important thing that can attract you towards choosing a golden ring comparing platinum or tungsten ring.

Another point in favor of a gold wedding ring is that the ring can always be resized when you want to. However, remember that in case of engraving or studding of diamonds or stones, the resizing could get a tad bit difficult. A gold wedding ring is appropriate for a traditional wedding setting with the bride in a flowing white gown at the church. On the other hand, even if you are about to have an untraditional wedding by the beach, a simple Celtic wedding ring in gold is pretty.

There are more reasons to select a gold wedding ring. One very important thing is that if your other jewelry is mostly in gold, a gold wedding ring would be a good choice, as it would go for it.

Now here are some tips to buy a wedding ring. Color should match your personality and complexion. For gold there are lots of options available in the market. You could go for yellow gold or untraditional shades like white gold and rose gold. However, make sure that you know the price of the gold wedding ring that you select, because the different colors have different prices. Go with a ring keeping in mind the wear and tear it will get exposed to. In this case, an 18 carat gold ring is the best option. It is the most durable and long lasting ring.

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